mke eats 6

its monday, its monday! i know some of you are like “omg stoppppppp” and the other half of you are like “yaasssss girl, new week!”. well how ever you are, you already know what today is….MKE FOOD DAY! lets get right into this. here are this weeks eats & drinks: pedros, south american food enlightened […]

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mke eats 5

i get it, you couldnt sleep last night because i didnt post my eats for the past week. BUT WE ARE HERE TODAY! dont be mad at me, please 😉 since youre probs so tired from not being able to sleep, ill keep this bad boy to the point for you, soooo you dont fall […]

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mke eats 4

hey babes, i think that every weekend should be three days long because why not? i mean, i feel so much more relaxed and rested. plus if we had a three day weekend, that would just give me that much more opportunity to eat more food. duh! here is where i ate/drank this week: glass […]

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kupofkelsey is one!

HI! so this is really weird to me. i feel like a mom. because now i know what it feels like when your baby turns one. MY BLOG IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY PEOPLE!!! (yes, i actually thought about throwing myself a party). i was trying to think about what i would write about. one […]

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mke eats 3

we back, we back! and um hello… GO BUCKS! FEAR THE DEER! i can smell a championship win from here 😉 well, its monday which means you get to see where i ate. annnnd now youre picturing me eating, youre welcome. here is a list of all the places: south shore terrace kitchen & beer […]

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mke eats 2

happy monday peeps! i feel like i should have better name for these posts. i mean “mke eats” is pretty cut and dry as to what i will be blogging about butttttttt if anyone can think of something flashier, let me know! well the highlight of my week when it comes to food was, my […]

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