mke food : july

it wasnt weird to write my food blog once a month because it was only once a month. then a few months ago, i thought i would do one every week and i thought that was weird so here i am…back to the non weird once a month food blogs 🙂 i know youve missed […]

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kup of roasted red pepper pasta

just roll out the red carpet…ladies and gents i give you…………………..roasted red pepper pasta! and no, i havent made this twice in the last week either. so dont even think i did 😉 i guess i should start off by saying happy tuesday, im glad youre here blah blah blah. well, its been a long […]

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chill on the hill w/press

i feel like ive been non stop all summer long! am i alone here? i hope not. milwaukee as so much going on in summer, that i feel like i am missing so much because im doing so much. can i get an amen?? since moving to bayview (yes, its only been a year but […]

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blogger collab day: ripon wi

now i bet your wondering what i was doing in ripon a few weeks back right? but are you also wondering what or where ripon is? ripon is a small town that is north of milwaukee, its about an hour and half drive. the reason why i headed up there was because of blogger collab […]

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4th of july with Sendik’s

am i the only one who cant believe that its july? i mean WHAT! i think its hard to believe that its july because of all this crazy not summer like weather we have been having. and here i go talking about weather…just be warm and sunny wisconsin so we can talk about something else! […]

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mke eats 8

its monday and you know it means my weekly food blog , right? well kinda. although i like the idea of blogging about food once a week, i desided i am going back to the once a month food blog. just like old times 🙂 now this doesnt mean that im done with food because […]

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mke eats 7

monday funday, right? this past week/weekend was a weird one for me, did anyone else feel that way? even though it was weird, i did end up trying some new food places which is always a plus! AND i even went to brunch…yes everyone, this is something that i rarely do! here is where the […]

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