eat some supernola!

let me tell you some truth, i dont always look like i do in all my blog posts or on my instagram. its kind of rare that i put on a nice, thought out outfit and do my hair. 95% of the time, youll find me in workout clothes with a messy bun. over the years, i have learned to not get upset over not looking put together, i rather worry about how im taking care of my body than worry about my hair looking perfect.

so if you find me with messy hair & workout clothes on, then you can safely assume i just finished working out. and if i just finished working out then that means im hungry.

but im always hungry soooooo working out would just make me that much more hungry? yeah, sounds about right.

both working out and eating healthy are important to me. i think its only right to treat your body with respect which means fueling it with a good work out and healthy, meaningful food.

and if you know me, i love local food. i love food that is made from the good stuff! i try my best to eat organically but that doesnt always work out which is okay, but when i find food that is organic, healthy & local, i become hooked!!

i have recently partnered with supernola. okay kelsey, what is that? well its the best chewy clusters of thoughtfully selected superfoods, nuts seeds and spices that i have ever tasted! andddddd im not just saying that. the taste is so fresh and they full of texture, its not like eating one of those super crunchy granola bars who claim to be health.

supernola is perfect for a mid-morning snack or after you get done doing a hour long HITT at shred415! or any workout for that matter. supernola is everything im a looking for in a snack. all their clusters are organic along with dairy, grain, gluten, soy and refined sugar free. they are also non-GMO and paleo. i love that i am able to just grab and go with these, i dont have to worry about “packing a snack” or “ill just wait until i get home to eat”. supernola makes snacking on the go so much easier. the clusters are packed with so many different flavors that come from superfoods, tree nuts, seeds and spices. its refreshing to have snacks that are healthy and not full of fillers. and another plus is, theyre made here in wisconsin!

and dont ask what my favorite flavor is, i like them all. (no, im not just saying that!!). but if i was on a stranded on an island and could only pick one supernola, i would pick: triple berry vanillla 😉

since everyone wants to eat what im eating, you can find supernola at many local stores such as festival foods, outpost and sendiks. check here to see the store locator to get your hands on these yummy and healthy clusters.

well, off i go to eat more supernola because i cant stop!

xoxo kelsey

blog + life goals

photo credit : arissa

hey peeps, its me…remember?

yeah i know, i do this all the time to you. i say how long ive been gone and then promise to come back sooner than later than i never do.

i get it, im not your favorite blogger anymore, well i know thats a lie because once you are hooked on my blog, you never can leave it 🙂 (its a proven fact).

as i explained in my instagram post a few weeks ago, i havent felt creative and that is something that is SO unlike me (another proven fact). i dont know what is it. i dont get how i can be creative one week but then not another? im sure theres a million articles about this but lets keep it simple and just say we dont know, deal? with that being said, i have put off writing blog posts, put off cooking and even put off trying to think of creative ideas to come up with. UGH what a draaaaaag.

so where am i going with this? i feel like i become so uncreative because im so worried/focused on what path i should be on in my life. this isnt my first time writing about this either, i wrote about it pretty much this same thing back in october and i guess i still have no idea what im doing **insert nervous laugh here**. the reason why i am bringing it up again is because i find myself getting so wrapped up in what i should do with my life rather than not focusing on the good im doing now or how far i have come.

photo credit: arissa

i have a lot of dreams but one of them is to have this blog becoming bigger than i could ever imagine. i would be on cloud 9 if i could make this blog more than just a hobby but make it my job, while still having fun with it, of course. i dream of interacting with more people, i would love to inspire others more too. i would love to give trips & tricks to other people who are in the same boat as me. bbbbbbbbut then this stupid little world IS ALWAYS popping into my head – how?

how do i do that?

how do i get where i want to go?

how do i figure this out without paying hundreds of dollars from a program?

how do i get people to think im interesting? ( trick question, i know you all think im the most interesting person ever).

how do i not loose my voice in a crowd of people?

how do i create content that is different than the rest?

how do i know loose hope, creativity or myself in the mix of other people.

i wish i had the answer to all of that, but i dont…i know, im sorry! i wish someone could hold my hand and tell me how things should be done but then that wouldnt be any fun lol.

i know success doesnt come over night, i understand that. but wanting something so bad and it not happening RIGHT AWAY is a harsh reality. yes i know, everything takes time and you have to work hard for what you want.

my advice is, to never give up regardless of the goal.

photo credit: arissa

ive only started my blog less than a year ago and i personally feel like ive grown so much. others might not see it which im totally okay with. some of my favorite bloggers said they started off their blogs just for fun and with time, its gotten them to the place they are now. that is something that has always stuck in my head. just because you start off slow or are doing something because it brings you joy doesnt mean it cannot become something so much more.

dont let others make you loose sight of your goals, dont let yourself loose sight either.

photo credit: arissa

goals are are fully in your control and dont forget that. dont worry so much about achieving your goal(s) over night because that probs wont happen but focus more on achieving your goal(s) in a way you know you can & that will make you proud. goals come in all shapes and sizes and if you want to achieve them, i say do it! i say do all you can to make your dreams come true. google anything that you need or want to know about your goal, listen to podcasts, read that book or reach out to someone and ask for advice.

goals are what you make them and if youre anything like me, youll do anything to achieve them!

xoxo kelsey

photo credit: arissa

kup of: creamy mushroom and spinach gnocchi

ehi amici ,

yes, that is “hey friends” in italian…okay and that matters why?

BECAUSE i made gnocchi this week and it was amazing. okay, duh it wasnt as amazing as when i went to italy but it was still pretty good (& easy!)

this week i threw it down in the kitchen and made: creamy mushroom and spinach gnocchi. when i first saw this, all i could think about was how hard it was going to be but nooooo. i was wrong! this recipe is super easy, yummy & filling.

now, is anyone wondering what gnocchi is? let me yell ya, its small dumplings made from potato, semolina, or flour, usually served with a sauce, per the dictionary. dumpling is my favorite d word and i know youre all wondering, drinks is my second favorite d word 😉

its a must to channel your inner 1/8 italian for this, if you need to borrow mine, let me know and ill lend it to you lol.

here is what is needed:

  • olive oil
  • 1/2 medium onion chopped
  • 12 ounces portobello mushrooms chopped
  • 2-3 cloves garlic minced
  • 3-5 dashes Italian seasoning
  • 1 heaping teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1/3 cup dry white wine (i used pinot grigio)
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 pound uncooked potato gnocchi
  • 1 small container of baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Fresh parsley chopped, to taste

add the olive oil, i would say about a tablespoonish, a little more is fine into a skillet on medium high heat. add the onion and sauté for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. and dont freak out if your onions do become a little brown, you wont die or anything.

next, add your mushrooms, garlic & italian seasoning. continue to cook, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes, add more oil if the pan becomes a little dry.

next, stir in the dijon mustard & white wine. let it bubble for a minute or two. ***if you havent already, this is where you pour yourself a glass of wine and make sure you finish the bottle. you wouldnt want to just let an open bottle of wine just sit in your fridge, now would you? no.***

now add the cream and gnocchi. wait until it starts to bubble again, then cover the pan and reduce the heat to medium-low. cook for 3 minutes.

this wine is from target and its super good! AND only $5

next, stir in allllllllllllllllllll the spinach, cover the pan again & cook for 3 minutes.

i know it doesnt look like i used the whole thing, but i did. took the pic and then added the rest lol

lastly, stir in the parmesan and season with salt & pepper to taste. well, you can parmesan to taste too 😉

** gnocchi should be soft. for some reason its not, continue to cook for another few minutes**

finish the dish with parsley & more parmesan, and tutto fatto!

godere !!

let me know if you make this, id love to see 🙂

xoxo kelsey

oh sh!t, its sunday! 5 tips for a planned week ahead

happy sunday everyone!

yes, i know…its been awhile since ive done an oh sh!t butttttttt we are here and its happening.

i know you know this feeling: you wake up sunday and youre like: “okay, yeah, its still early, its still the weekend, i got this.” then the day goes on and youre like: “oh, sh!t, its sunday that means tomorrow is monday and now im freaking out a bit because i have nothing ready and i just love the weekend and im not ready for the week”.

that literally is almost always me, every sunday. but i have learned a few ways to help relieve the sheer panic of those sunday feelings. here is a list of things i do every sunday to help me not freak out as much on sundays and to make my week go by like no ones business!

plan your lunches for the week:

  • i hear it alllll the time at work: “how do you eat the same thing every single day for lunch?”. well, its easy…i make sure i plan out what it is im going to make. its not like im not going to make something gross.(its happened before and i did freak out because i had to come up with quick lunches for the week) BUT i plan out what im making and make sure its something thatll be good and something i am willing to eat for the whole week. i also make sure i have enough heathy snack ready for the week too like hard boiled eggs, apples and carrots with celery.
this week is chicken, sweet potatoes, mozzarella cheese with buffalo and ranch.

plan your dinners for the week:

  • yes, i am that crazy and plan out my dinners for and please do not tell me you dont have time. if you have enough time to come up with excuses as to why you cant do this, then you have enough time to plan out your meals. i will admit though, life does happen & i dont always make everything i plan on making and thats okay! but planning out your dinners shouldnt be hard! my secret is, going on pinterest, saving dinners that im making for the week on this pinterest board. from there i add what i need to my shopping list and BOOM! all planned out the week. this leaves no room for panic when it comes to what youre going to make for dinner. by doing this, you will have more time during the week to do things you want to do rather than worrying about what is for dinner and having all the ingredients.

clean up your space:

  • i spent almost two hours cleaning up my house today. so yes, i actually do this stuff! i always tend to “slack” on cleaning up during the week so i normally use sundays for that. i know, the last thing you want to do on the weekend is clean. but cleaning now, will help relieve your stress during the week. you wont be sitting there thinking: “i really should clean this but i dont want to” and then worry about it for the rest of the week. if your put your stuff away and clean up on sunday then that leaves the rest of the week open to opportunity to do other things rather than cleaning or putting away all your clean laundry. so go and put away those four pairs of shoes laying in your kitchen, fold all those pants and shirts you have laying on the floor, do those dishes and clean out your pantry that youve been talking about for weeks now! (let me know if you find anything good lol).

check your calendar & update:

  • i am slowly making the switch from a planner to using google calendar. ive always been a visual person and ive always enjoyed psychically writing down what i have going on, making it look pretty and going back and looking at what i accomplished. yes i still make “do to lists” but i have now more than every used google calendar. i like it because one, i can write down EVERYTHING i need to know about the event or place im headed to, i dont have to flip through my planner or quickly google something. another thing i like is that you dont have to lug around a planner also youre able to check right away if you have something going on and not double plan anything!


  • yes, you should reflect on sundays. i mean you should reflect all the time but i alway use sundays as a day to set the mood for the week ahead, i think about my goals for the week, what can i do next week that i didnt do last or how can i improve a situation that happened last week. i am sloooooowly learning that sundays arent THAT bad, its more about your mindset that anything. if you tell yourself that its going to be shitty and your week is going to suck then guess what, its going to suck! but if you use your sunday as a positive, you can gain motivation for the week ahead. use my little tips to help you be ready for the week so it “doesnt suck”. again, use reflection as a good thing here, use it for YOU. have a positive mindset and know youre able to do ANYTHING you put your mind to.

hope these tips can help, even if its just a little bit 🙂

and there we have it! five ways to make your sunday & your week go well! BTW – you do have to follow all my tips because i said so! just kidding :). if anything, try one. try the one that you normally would never do and see how much it can change your mindset and/or lifestyle for your sunday and your week.

have a good week!

xoxo kelsey

mke food :: feburary

happy end of february,

you know what it means over here when its the end of the month, right?

riiiiiight, i recap all the places i ate around the city. but i have to be honest right off the bat…february was not a good month for food. we ended up eating at a lot of place that i wasnt begging for more. we even revisited places and still, not overly excited about it. but that doesnt mean youll have the same experince & that doesnt mean i shouldnt talk about them.

so here we go, here is a list of where i ate this month:


if you know anything about vangaurd, you know theyre known for their sausage. well, me being me, i thought : “im documenting all my food so why not try something new. yeah, didnt go so well. i got the: “the brutus beefcake” and ill just say, i shouldve stuck with my normal. i normally get: a hotdog – seattle style. and per ustal, fries are a must but what really is a must is their baked potato balls, hellllooooo yummy!


well, the margarita was good! okay, the food wasnt all that bad but i wanted something more spicy & more traditional and i didnt get that here. i got the combo plate with a chimichanga, enchilada and taco. long story short, i didnt finish my plate. i dont know, i dont want to sound complainy but it just wasnt speaking to me. (plus dont tell nick, i wasnt really in the mood for mexican but he wanted it so i semi blame it on him for not really enjoying my meal, lol).


you gotta get the old fashioned

and FINALLY! a place i really liked. their old fashioned was super good, i mightve had two. if i see house chips on a menu, then im all in for getting that as my app! so yes, you have to get their house chips (i dont think that is something they have all the time so if you see it, get it). for my main dish, i got the reuben with a side of potato salad. my sandwich was good, i just wish the sauerkraut was more sour (im not german at all or anything). overall though, i loved my meal & the diner was so cute.

hungry sumo:

ughhhh you know that feeling when youve been wanting sushi and then you finally get it? i know you know what im talking about! hungry sumo has some of the best sushi ive ever had. and SINCE I LIKE SEAFOOD NOW, my options have opened as to what type of sushi i get. and yes i got miso soup and hello! its real good and you just have to have it. and with sushi, i never know if im going to be super full or still hungry when i order it…the struggle! this night i got the classic avocado roll and the spider roll which was crab. both were 10/10 but i did wish i wouldve gotten more! next time 🙂


and who doesnt love pizza? essentially, who doesnt love bruschetta salami, three different pizzas AND tiramisu allll in one sitting? everyone does, everyone. if you go to transfer with my family, where is no way youre not having the bruschetta salami… its so good! they have a garlic butter sauce on it and it cant get any better than that! this night, nick and i tried pizzas we either never had or havent had in a long time. from top to bottom we got the: garlic special and subbed pepperoni for sausage, hot rod and margherita. since i love tiramisu with everything in me, i had to get it! (its honestly, one of my favorite ones around town).


nick and i make a point to try wings whenever we can, so when we hear a place has good wings or just wings in general, then we must try! o’lydias has pretty yummy wings, although i wish they were a little buffalo tang to it. these wings were a little sweet for me. i ended up going with their buffalo and garlic buffalo but i think next time i would just do buffalo. and, i got fries too….but you already knew that 😉

lulu cafe:

annnnnd this is my favorite place, of all time. i know for sure that nick is sick of me wanting to go there but i love it. they have super good burgers, i mean they have super good everything but the burgers are my fav. i normally just get their classic burger with whatever cheese im feeling. when it comes to your sides, you have to get “little bit of both”. what does that mean? well, it means you get half of their house chips (yes, you have to get the blue cheese dipping sauce) and then half of their slaw. ughhhh both are so good! now i want some but nick would kill me if i asked.

fuel cafe:

last but not least. this was such a let down for me. i have eaten here before and loved my meal but we went last week, i did not like what i had. i was excited to try their wings but they were super greasy (i got grease stains on my shirt to prove it) AND the wings were huge. personally, i like my wings smaller and with medium amount of meat and these were just ick! for my main my meal, i got the toasted cheesey tomato with giardiniera peppers aka a buttafuoco. dont get me wrong, i love spice but my mouth was in FIRE! and that is all i could taste besides having mayo all over my face. again, i might be dramatic about this but i walked away feeling unsatisfied & not wanting to back.

and i know you guys wont hate me for the honesty. because this is a place for that and at the end of the day…this is just food! there are so many places in the city to explore and try.

i hope you guys enjoy reading this and i hope i didnt scare you away from places. i also hope you guy try these places and let me know if you do!!

happy eating 🙂

xoxo kelsey

6 tips on adult friendships

hi friends,

you never think something that happens to you when youre a kid, will happen to you again as an adult, right?

when i was little, i switched school districts going into first grade. so that meant a new house, new school and new friends. i can remember making my first friend that was just down the road from me. this was the first time in my life that i was able to just walk over to a friends, was able to have sleep overs and was able to have fun without any worry. i finally found something who loved to play as much as me. but that did not last very long. i still can remember it to this day, when meghan told me her and her family were moving. not just moving across town but across the US. i was so sad, so upset because my first real friend was moving… i remember thinking: “who am i going to play with now?”. even though i was only 6, i still can remember how i felt when she said she was moving. growing up i would walk past her house and remember all the good times. there is something about friendship that always stays with you.

and to top it off, she even sent me a few pictures of us growing up!

me on the left and meghan to my right
…” clearly shows the year LOL. like decorating the cake like that” -meghan

well, almost the same thing happen to me about a week ago. here i am 25 and it never crossed my mind that i would have one of my best friends move away, again! this time around though, its a little harder to deal with. its like i have feelings or something lol. but my friend lizzie, moved last week and i thought: “oh ill be okay, we will still talk and we can always visit each other”. well, yeah but i freakin’ miss her! and its weird to no longer have that friend that will go to barre with you, who will grab a drink with you no matter what day of the week it is or just come over for dinner and hangout. okay okay, its not like i cant do that with my other friends but you all know you have that one friend who does the little things with you.

yeah i get it, its only been a week since she moved away but remember…this isnt my first rodeo. ive been here a couple of times! within that week, i have learned a thing or two about friendship.

  • tell your friends you love them. trust me, its not weird. i always tell my friends that i love them. i do it when theyre leaving orrrr just tell them randomly during a conversation. just dont be afraid to tell them you love them, okay?
  • make your friends do things with you. and no just “go shopping” or “get coffee”. make them go to a new workout class, make them go to every vintage store in your city (milwaukee has so many!), make them go to breakfast and then the farmers market. i love when my friends ask me to do new or different things. therefore, you should do the same with your friends! take each other out of your comfort zones. i have never looked back and said: “yikes! that was horrible”. well okay, there was one time lizzie and i took a workout class and we just laughed the whole time because it was ridiculous…to say the least.
  • make your friends dinner, yes they can make it for you too. but if you know anything about me, you know that i love cooking and i MAKE my friends come over to eat. there is nothing more relaxing that having a friend(s) over, having a drink or two while enjoying dinner together and of course, talking.
  • ask them how they are doing. ask them how their day is and ask them about how life is going. this doesnt have to be complex, this also can just be a quick convo but make sure to make the time to check on your friends. i know this is something i need to do more of, but text or call your friend(s) and ask how he/she is doing. something as simple as that can brighten someones day, create joy and a sense of real friendship.
  • dont take advantage of your friends. be open with them, tell them the truth and in turn…they should give you the same. both you and your friends shouldnt get upset with one another just because the other one is busy. but that also means you shouldnt only see your friends when “you have the time”. let me tell you, YOU DO HAVE THE TIME. we all have the time.
  • dont be afraid to be yourself. that is the one thing i love about being an adult. your friends love and accept you for who you are. this isnt middle school anymore, where you have to pretend to like this or have to wear that to fit in. its not like that anymore and thank god! that is something i dont have time for lol. i think being myself and having my friends accept it, is one of the more rewarding things. and its even more rewarding when you friends that are just as weird/ understanding as you 🙂

now go tell your friends that you love them, no matter how far away they are. dont be afriad to reconnect with your friend from first grade that moved away! yes, meghan and i talk reconnect a few years back and now talk at least once a week 🙂

since we are friends, love you guys!

xoxo kelsey

oh sh!t, its sunday: stop comparing yourself to others

hey guys,

didnt this past week feel just, off? i dont know if that was just me orrrrrr not. well, sunday means tomorrow is a new week and things can only get better 🙂 and yes they can, dont say they cant!

well, its sunday and you already know what that means…oh sh!t, its sunday! ive had these on going thoughts about blogging for the longest time but recently, these thoughts have been coming up a lot more.

im always having to remind myself: you dont have to be perfect, you shouldnt be comparing yourself to others, you should focus on what makes sense to YOU. why am i thinking this? its because i get lost once and while when i scroll through social media (yes, instragram…how did you know?).

i will come across profiles and think to myself: “dang! i wish i had x number of followers, i wish i was sponsored by this brand, i wish i could build up my blog enough to become a full time blogger and i wish i could make my content as good as theirs”. this runs through my mind all the time. i find myself becoming jealous because i dont have my nails done all the time, i dont wear a lot of make up, i dont have the newest and nicest clothes and i dont travel around the world once a month. why am i even worried about this? why should i compare myself to others? why should i worry about how many likes or followers i have? well, the answer is simple, i care. i care because i want people to like my ideas, my thoughts and what i do from day to day. i want people to feel what im feeling, i want to be relatable, i want people to not feel alone in this world. so when i see others on social media rocking it, i wonder to myself : “how can i get people to care about what im saying? how can i build up a following? when are people going to stop unfollowing me after following for only a few days?”.

and this is where i have to let all of that go and realize, you will only work as hard as you allow yourself to. okay yeah, so what? i made a promise to myself that i would focus on blog as much as i could in 2019, i will have to say, i think its going pretty well. i made it a goal to create content that is every day and real life, that is relatable along with being simple. i promised i would work as hard as i had to, to make a name for myself and its harder than you think! but like i said, if you want something, you will work hard to make it happen. when i start to have those jealous thoughts, i take a deep breath and see that as motivation. i see it as, if they can do that, I CAN DO IT. it goes back to the classic saying of: “rome wasnt build in a day”. well, my blog and my content wasnt built in a day, it will only get better with time. i can only keep building it up and keep working at it until im proud.

i am more than sure if youre a blogger, like me (yes…dont think im not a blogger or an influencer, i know my blogger besties would back me up here!) or someone who just enjoys reading what influencers have to say, you know there is a part of you what wishes and gets jealous because we wish we had what that person has. if i have learned anything from blogging, meeting bloggers or following bloggers on social media, we should praise one another for where we are and what we are doing. we should support one another regardless if you have 50 followers or 50,000 followers. we should turn our jealousy into something positive. use that jealousy and learn from it. learn how to create content that is more engaging, learn how to interact with different people and simply just take notes and learn from one anothers achievements.

i would be lying if i said i didnt learn a thing or two from the other women i follow. i need to realize that i have a TOTALLY different life than a lot of people that i follow but that shouldnt stop me from creating content that i think is relatable. that shouldnt stop me from wanting to learn more, wanting to know how to improve my thinking, my thought and ideas. ive turned my jealousy into: “what can i work on to make MYSELF better? what can i do to encourage growth in others? what can i do to be relatable and to have people follow me because they can relate to me?”.

i am learning to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones and in-turn, encourage others. i am learning to not let other influencers “get to me” and make me think what im doing isnt good enough…because what im doing is good enough (and can only improve), i take what i can from those influencers and grow from it.

we are all in this together. regardless of who you are. learn from others, encourage others, tell others when theyre doing good. STOP comparing yourself to others, use that as a tool to improve your thinking rather than control your thoughts. stand for what you believe in and dont let someone you never physically met shut you down. all you can is work hard for what you want. what you want shouldnt come easy. set a goal or seven and work your ass off to achieve it.

lets rock out our goals together! you got it!!! but really, you do. i KNOW you do 🙂



kup of mac n cheese

i know you guys have been waiting for this. you have probs been waiting for tooooooo long and thats allllll my fault!

well, its here.

my famous mac n’ cheese. yes, f.a.m.o.u.s.

it killed me slowly to measure for this recipe. i NEVER measure for this! i shake a little this, a little of that, add a hand full of whatever or keep adding until i think it looks/tastes good. i was actually super worried that i was going to add too much of something and it would taste gross. but i got it all tasting good on the first try…even with measuring…its from all my years of culinary experience 😉

now, dont go thinking that this is hard because you have to make a sauce. i have made this so much, i could make the cheese sauce in my sleep. well, maybe not. that seems as if that could get messy lol.

oh yeah, while i made the mac n’ cheese. nick made us drinks! just one of my favorites, a whiskey sour with egg white.

here is what is needed:

  • box of your favorite noodles, i use banza
  • 1.5- 2 cups of either broccoli or cauliflower, cooked
  • 2-4 tbsp. flour
  • 2 tbsp. butter
  • 1-2 cups milk, i use almond milk
  • ~2-2.5 cups of cheese of your choice, i normally use cheddar, feta and Parmesan but whatever you have on hand is fine.
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp. onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp. mustard power
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper
  • 1/4 tsp. paprika

first things first, start boiling the water for your noodles and your veggies.

cut with your veggie of choice. i like both so its hard to say what i would recommend.

boil noodles as it says on the package and boil the veggies for only a few minutes, its up to you as to how soft you want them. normally boil mine for threeish minutes.

drain and rinse both and set aside.

now its time to make your cheese sauce! doing “ugh” me, its not that hard.

in a large saucepan, over low to medium heat, melt your butter.

once the better is melted, you will want to add in your flour by whisking it in. (i always start out with 2 tbsp. i slowly add little by little but i always end up using 4 tbsp). here, you want to create a paste. youll know if you have used enough flour because your mixture will be a paste rather than loose butter and flour.

next add your 2 cups of milk and continue to whisk until the milk and your butter-flour paste are combined and semi smooth.

turn down your heat to low and add your cheeses. here it is up to you as to how much cheese and what sort of cheeses you want to use. i normally just add what i think is going to work (or whatever i have in the house). once your cheeses are added, whisk in the cheese until combined and smooth. add spices and stir together. (at this point, the sauce can become a little thick so i always add more milk. the more milk you add, the thinner your cheese sauce will be. i would say i use an extra cup of milk when i make it. again, up to you as to the thickness you want).

stir your choice of veggies into cheese sauce and serve over noodles!

see, we made it!

enjoy & i hope to see you guys make this 🙂

xoxo kelsey

mke food :: january

view mke

i keep seeing that it feels like the 74th of january and i really think it is the 74th of january.

well, i asked and you answered. so here i am, showing you and giving you a little insight of the places i ate at this past month. let me tell you, it was fun and filling! i enjoyed going to some new places but also enjoying my favorite spots. i do have to admit though, i forgot to document some…i was so focused on eating that i forgot to snap pictures. i feel like this is something we all can relate to.

i originally was only going to do new restaurants but then realized i should include ones that i have already been to too. chances are ,if im going back, it mustve been good!

here is a list of the places i went for either a drink or dinner or both:

i have to say, i really stepped out of my comfort zone here and tried three, yes 3!! 3, different seafood dishes. i am a changed woman. thank you boston for changing the seafood game for me!

so here we go! hopefully youre not hungry 😉

view mke:

first off, i am in love with the ceiling here! its so pretty with all the bottles and the lights. second off, i only sort of remember what i had for dinner…guys give me a break! this was a whole month ago! ive eaten a lot since then! i like view mke because its small plates. if i could, i would eat small plates all the time, im a little obsessed. like i said, i kind of remember what we got, first plate was a crab cake, here we are with the sea food! second plate was pork belly and third plate was pork schnitzel. all were SO good. i think my favorite was the pork schnitzel. and lastly, of course i needed a whiskey drink so i got a “new york sour”, its topped with red wine. ***this menu changes so that is why i wasnt able to give more detail about the dishes***. i know, youll never forgive me.

twisted path distillery:

i waited wayyyyy to long to try this place out. its not like i drive past in on my way to and from work everyday. i wish i wouldve gone sooner! the only “bad” thing about this place is, their whiskey is still aging (& i cannot wait to try it when its ready!!) . so my whiskey loving self freaked out a little bit and didnt know what to get. the bartender suggested the dark rum because it almost mocks a whiskey and she wasnt lying! and having a love for old fashioneds, i had her make me one with the dark rum and hellllooooooooo. dont worry, we went back a week later and i got the same thing lol.

lakefront brewery:

lakefront brewery. do i have to say more? we like to stop in once and awhile and just grab a beer because why not? i always try to try something new. prost!

st. pauls fish company:

again, here i am eating seafood. the lobster roll at st. pauls fish company is huge, literally. if you a champ like me, you would eat the whole thing and have no regrets but if youre not 110% hungry, i would share with someone. and yes, i get sharing can be hard…its something im not very good at ;). if the milwaukee public market wasnt awesome enough, this sandwich made it that much more awesome. and no, i didnt have room for the plastic fork…next time.

elsas on the park:

i would recommend this burger over and over and over again. you have to get the bigger mac at elsas. it is so stinking good!! and this burger is what you think it is. its a play on mcdonaldss big mac but obviously better! and the home chips are a must for your side…no questions asked. i will let you know that everyone at our table that night got the this same burger because its THAT good. AND AND AND they have super good wings but i was to busy eating them , i didnt get a picture.

purple door ice cream:

thank god i have friends that love ice cream as much as i do! nick and i were out to dinner with friends and they wanted ice cream. so i knew we had to go to purple door. they have a lot of different flavors but i went with the cookies and cream and didnt look back!

harbor house:

first things first, ive always gone to the harbor house in the winter. and what fun is that! one, you cannot sit outside and two, you cant see the skyline or water. ***reminder to self: go there in summer!!!*** ANYWAYS, i get their manhattan, over ice and this time around, i got clam chowder too. i would say for milwaukee clam chowder, it was good. a little runny but overall filled my chowder void (nothing like bostons though!!).

tenuta’s italian restaurant:

this cute italian place is kind of hidden if youre not familiar with bayview. dont worry – its not hard to find! i hate to brag but this is in walking distance from my house. this time around, i got classic spaghetti with meatballs and it was sooooo yummy! the meatballs were fresh and had just the right consistency. obvi, i had to end the night with tiramisu. oh! i always get their house pinot grigio and always get two glasses, its a must! 😉

fixture pizza pub:

great lakes distillery
mke brewing co.

no, we dont just get one pizza…we get two. and normally an app but like i said before, i was so invested in the wings that i didnt get a picture. though, i would recommend the wings or the house chips as an app! nick and i always lean towards these two pizzas: great lakes distillery and mke brewing co. yes, if you want you mouth on fire, then the mke brewing co. is just for you! what i like so much about the great lakes distillery is the cream cheese. something about it is just so good.

la masa empanada bar:

fries are a must for your side. theyre delish! okay…fries are always a must in my eyes. BUT that is not the only thing that is yummy, i normally always get their special and this night, their special was mashed potato with bacon, chives and sour cream. otherwise, i normally get and got was the cubin and the chicken tinga. when i finish eating, i always find myself saying: “i shouldve gotten three cubins because they are that good”.

holy cow or should i say burger?

that was a lot of food and a lot of recommendations. i hope this was everything you wanted and more, and dont worry – stay tuned for next months!

if you guys end up going out and trying these places, let me know! i would love to see you enjoying the same places i do 🙂

xoxo kelsey

before the snow, crock pot risotto with butternut squash


coming to you before i either freeze or get lost in the snow, i figured i would share some food with you since no one is going anywhere tomorrow. plus, its been a long time since i posted about food or it feels like it anyway.

so i have to admit, i was going to make this recipe last week but that didnt happen. and thank goodness my butternut squash lasted for a week. another thing i have to admit, this was my first time cooking with a butternut squash…i was a little embarrassed because i had to youtube how to peel and cut it. WHATEVER, its fine, its fine.

anyways, i figured since its so freakin cold here, i would make something warm and in the crockpot. i ended up making risotto with butternut squash. nothing like having your whole house smell like shallots for the whole afternoon.

here is what youll need:

  •  2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
  •  2 medium shallots, diced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  •  1/2 cup dry white wine ( i used pinot grigio)
  •  1 medium butternut squash, peeled, halved, seeded, and cut into 1/4-inch cubes
  •  salt and pepper to taste
  •  4 cups vegetable or chicken broth (i used chicken)
  •  1 1/2 cups uncooked short grain brown rice
  • toppings: we did feta with parsley and italian seasoning blend with parmesan cheese. the recipe originally called for goat cheese and sage butttt i cannot stand goat so i made up the other combos. you really can add whatever you want, whatever you think will taste good together. i didnt measure my cheese or my spices, i kind of just kept adding until it tasted good 🙂

first, cut up the shallots, garlic and butternut squash. once that is done, add oil to a saucepan, add shallots and sauté over low to medium heat until the shallots are soft and translucent. i would say this takes about seven minutes, then add your garlic, salt and pepper. i just coated the shallots and garlic with a good layer of salt and pepper, you can always add more. make sure to sauté the garlic for a two to three minutes because you dont want it to burn. lastly, add the wine and cook for two minutes.

no, i didnt drink any wine…it was only 11 in the morning when i started this and i realized it might not go so well with my coffee.

next, take your onion and garlic mixture and add it to your crock pot. i used my bigger crock pot, im not sure the size but its a big one lol. then add your cut up butternut squash, uncooked rice and broth and cook!

hot oil and cold broth do not picture well

i cooked mine on low for six hours but you could cook on high for three hours. **i did have to add a about 1/4 cup more broth at the end because it was starting to get a little dry, i added this in about an hour before it was finished**

and there you have it!!

risotto with butternut squash. like i said before, this is just a base. you can get creative here! you can add whatever you think is going to taste yummy. remember to have fun, dont just stick to boring salt and pepper. i fixed mine up with feta with parsley and nick did italian seasoning blend with parmesan cheese.

well its been nice knowing all of you, i will be buried in snow for the next week!

have a good week my friends!!!

xoxo kelsey