crockpot enchilada chili

hey everyone! i feel like ive been gone for so long…well im pretty sure i have. life has been nuts because WE GOT A PUPPY! yes, i can blog about that later. but weve been so focused on making sure glen (yes, we named him glen) isnt biting us, isnt peeing everywhere and that he […]

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lazy boy chicken nuggets

hey chicks, i think it was this past week where i asked (on instagram) if you guys wanted to know my secret chicken nugget recipe. a handful of you said you were on the edge of your seat, about to go crazy because you just NEEDED to know. just kidding, well kind of…that was a […]

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my famous black bean burgers

we meet again! ugh i have to say this right off the bat…i do not own flashy lights or a professional camera sooooo its a challenge to take pictures with lighting that looks “natural”. i quickly googled “how to fake daylight in your pictures” and i only read about one thing and realized, just go […]

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meatballs for lunch

  and i hate to say it buuuut the weekend is almost over, why do weekends go so fast!? if someone has the answer, please let a girl know 😉 if youre anything like me (which i know you are because youre here reading this) you start to have a panicing feeling on sundays. could […]

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chili on a chilly sunday

GO PACK GO! happy sunday! my house is 63 degrees…does anyone else refuse to turn on the heat this “early”? now, i didnt just wake up this morning and think to myself “i think im going to make chili for the packer game”. no. ive had this planned all week, well thats a lie too […]

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hollandaise on sundaise

hello ya’ll, im back. i know i said i was back like a month ago but hey, life happens…right? I WILL MAKE SURE THIS IS FOR REAL! anyways, i woke sunday morning and realized i needed to blog, i have been thinking about it almost everyday and have done nothing about it. i figured i […]

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