kup of roasted red pepper pasta

just roll out the red carpet…ladies and gents i give you…………………..roasted red pepper pasta! and no, i havent made this twice in the last week either. so dont even think i did 😉 i guess i should start off by saying happy tuesday, im glad youre here blah blah blah. well, its been a long […]

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kup of:breaded fish tacos

and im back with recipes! i know its been a long time but ive been working on a lot of other things. but dont worry, one of those other things are…wait for it… I AM TEACHING MYSELF HOW TO CREATE MY OWN RECIPES. i am pretty much rachel ray up in here. all jokes aside, […]

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kup of mac n cheese

i know you guys have been waiting for this. you have probs been waiting for tooooooo long and thats allllll my fault! well, its here. my famous mac n’ cheese. yes, f.a.m.o.u.s. it killed me slowly to measure for this recipe. i NEVER measure for this! i shake a little this, a little of that, […]

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