mke food : april

its not called the big boy for nothing!

alright guys, you asked and now you shall receive, on my IG i asked if youd rather see my monthly eats more than just once a month.

(im not makingthis stuff up!)

and lets be honest, your girl loves to eat!

so, for now…intend of once a month of food blog post like i was doing for january, february and march, i will be here posting once a week. i am kind of scared..why? because what if i only eat at once place during the week? what if i eat somewhere i have already been? no worries! i also plan on including local food finds that i try too.

soooooo *clears throat* heres where i ate for the month of april:

dom & phil demarinis original recipes:

literally dont think i couldve eaten this any quicker. it was such a “classic milwaukee pizza”. now i say that because when i say”classic milwaukee pizza”, i think of this style. what is the style? its crust that isnt too crispy, isnt too mushy, yet there is just enough cheese where youre not chocking on it and its cut into little squares and not triangles. oh! and the sauce is a little sweeter but seasoned just right. and from there you just pick the toppings that you want. i got peperoini on my half and trust me, i would do it over and over again. so yeah, thats a classic milwaukee pizza! lets not forget the CHEESE bread. omg, that is a meal in itself. it was so good that i was “mad” that it only came with four pieces.

good city brewing:

yes, i did get a beer, i got the pils…yes i like lighter beers and if we are being real honest, i really am not a beer person. WHAT!! YOURE FROM MKE AND YOU ARENT A BEER FAN? yeah, thats me. but a beer wasnt the only thing i got. i got their brew burger and it was just okay. i have heard really good things about their food in general but it just wasnt as good as i wanted it to be. i also wish i wouldve gotten fries as my side and not chips. i also wish chips didnt mean chips from a bag…i wish they meant house made chips. you know the ones that are so good and you cant stop eating? yeah those! i will say though, i would like to go back and try more of their food!

aj bombers:

okay. now THIS was the burger i have been dreaming of! when we went, the burger i was dying to have was said to only be there for a week so i knew i had to get there and try it! well, i got wind AFTER i got done eating that the burger will be there all summer. this life changing burger is called the big boy. its a play on the old school big boy burger and hollllllly cow (lol literally). this was probs one of the best burgers i have ever had and let me tell you, ive had a lot of burgers. i mean, theres nothing wrong with two patties, three buns, cheese, lettuce and their secret sauce. and theres really nothing wrong with getting a side of tots with it too. lets just say, i mightve had this burger twice this month.

boo boos sandwich shop:

you dont know how many times ive driven past this place or walked past it and said “yeah, im going to go there soon”. well, too many to remember. finally, one saturday, nick and i needed, lol okay more like wanted lunch so he suggested boo boos and . so. good. their set up inside is kinda wacky which is awesome, they totally have their own style. but when it came to their food, that style was even better. i got their ham and cheese and i thought it was going to be just like it said, a ham and cheese and boy was i wrong! my sandwich was to die for, the ham was real chunks, the cheese was melted just right and the onions and mustard were just right. ugh my mouth is literally watering just talking about it. if you know anything about me, i am sucker for tomato soup. and their fire roasted red pepper bisque was not what i thought it was going to be but in a good way! they topped theirs off with white rice, cream and green onion. i was not expecting that but ended up being SO good.


now i have been here many times. i even went through a phase were i didnt like it ( i couldnt tell you why) but now i love it. i love it even more because its literally a block from my house… now you know where i live 😉 jk! and surprise, surprise… i got tomato soup annnnnd grilled cheese with fries. i ate all of it too, i had more regrets on it. BUT i know youre thinking “who gets a grilled cheese when they go out? you can make that at home…” okay yeah, i get that! but honeypies grilled cheese is pretty good. i didnt feel gross eating it and obvi it was good because i ate the whole thing. soup was a little plain, i wish it was a little more creamy.

boone and crockett:

we stopped here for a happy hour on a random friday and loved it. we have been here before but im never disappointed when i come to boone. and yes, i did get a brandy old fashioned sour, well okay…i got two but that was my drink my choice for both rounds. i think they do a pretty good job when it comes to old fashioneds.

cafe centraal:

now, i never go to brunch but i did this past weekend for gals that brunch! all my local mke ladies, if you want to branch out and meet new women who are like minded and who are inspiring, you have to go to this brunch. its once a month, you follow their IG page, watch for when tickets go on sale, buy the tickets and BOOM youre in it for brunch. its such a fun time and i have met some amazing women. BUT back to food… i got their dragon fruit parfait. the waiter did warn me that its not very sweet and that was totally fine by me! i am not a sweets person so i figured this was right up my alley. i do have to say though, i really lacked flavor. i mean, there shouldnt have to be sweetness to have flavor but i think next time, i will try something a little more flavorful.

and there we have it, i will see you next week, since ya know…im doing this thannnnng once a week now 😉

as always, i hope you enjoyed and youre leaving hungry!

xoxo kelsey

mke food: march

you guys!!! you know i love twisted path distillery! & now they have their rye whiskey out and im in love!!

holy cow, what a month of food!! wayyyyyy better than last month! i blame febuary being not as good because it was a short month. makes sense, right? yeah, kind of!

lets not mess around & get right into why you are here!

here is where my mouth touched a fork this month:

bellis bistro:

i know you guys know almost everything about me but you need to know that fried chicken is my favorite food group. and when it comes to fried chicken, its all about the hot sauces too. if you ask me, which i dont know why youd ask anyone else but my favorite hot sauce is louisiana hot sauce and bellis knows whats up and uses it. i kinda felt that feeling of “did we just become friends?”. another favorite food group of mine is, mac n cheese. now, normally when i get fried chicken, i get double mac but this time i branched out. the chicken dinner came with two sides so obvi, one was mac and cheese while the other was asparagus. overall the food was tasty! just a little greasy but their breading was full of flavor & was crispy.

jacksons blue ribbon pub:

jacksons has two locations but this was my first time at this one. its located inside the historic pabst brewery which it pretty cool within itself. now you guys know that we loooooove chicken wings so nick and i try to try wings whenever we go to a place that has them. now, i have to say that jacksons werent my favorite. they were a little “plump” for me. as i explained in mke food:: feburary, im not a huge fan of wings that arent smaller in size. and yes, i am that boring person who ended up getting what i had last time i was there. and that was the buffalo chicken wrap (i bet your surprised i got buffalo, right?). oh! get your chicken crispy on that wrap, no one likes grilled chicken…well maybe your mom ;). and skip those haystack onion rings i got, they were swimming in grease.

ninos southern sides:

ommmmg the OG of fried chicken! this is my spot. now, its a little out of the way for my peeps who are south of the city. ninos is located in shorewood but i promise you, its worth the drive. now, here, i dont mess around. i get the fried chicken dinner because you get three pieces and then i get double mac, its a must! nick does get the mashed potatoes and i have to say, theyre good too. the key here is to call in your order for take out, pick it up & take it home to enjoy! the ladies will take care of you, trust me…they call you to tell you that your chicken is getting cold if you dont come quick enough.

odd duck:

all i can say is: small plates. now, if i could have small plates everyday then i would be the happiest person ever. now there are a lot of small plate places in mke but odd duck has to be my favorites. their menu does change so its rare that you would get the same thing twice. well, thats a lie. the only thing i have had more than once and would recommend over and over is their whiskey sour with egg white. so. fricken. good. another good thing to know about odd duck is, theyre always busy! so if you wanna eat in the dining room, you gotta call and make reservation at least a week ahead otherwise, you can do what nick and i do. we show up and they will take our name and number and call us when a spot at the bar becomes available. which is totally worth it! this time around we got the cheese platter with the sweet grass green hill and marieke burning melange gouda cheeses. then we had potato & apple flautas, savory potato bubble waffle and smoked spicy duck fat carbonara, yes i did eat duck hearts…i can cross that off my bucket list. now everything was good, okay? if i had to pick, the carbonara wasnt my favorite out the bunch but nothing like i would never get it again.

story hill bkc:

can we all say BRUNCHHHHH!?? i went to brunch with my blogger bestie brit! this was my first time here and i loved it. the vibe of the restaurant was relaxed but their mamosa made everything more relaxed. i got their back bacon and eggs. well silly me, i didnt realize that back bacon wasnt actually bacon BUT brit is a MPV and let me have some of her bacon and it was to die for. i will totally be back here! but next, i think i will want to try dinner.


guys, if you want bar food and want it to be amazing – camino is your answer! when nick and i arent really sure where to eat, we end up here. no, its not like “uuuuuggghhh i guess well just go to camino again”, its more along the lines of “i have no idea what im going to order this time!”. its that good. i didnt get it this time but their clam chowder on fridays is one of my favorites in the city. now, we didnt get wings (their wings are bomb thought!) we ended up getting cheddar and potato pierogis for an app and they did not disappoint. for dinner, i had the cubanski (this is like my 4th time having it but take the hint). i like both the fries as my side or the crispy brussels.

glass + griddle:

this was an accident, we didnt mean to eat here. long story short…nick graduated with his MASTERS! hello!! but we wanted to celebrate so we headed to mke brewing at their new location downtown. first off, the new brewery is SO nice on the inside and glass + griddle is on the inside too. i had no idea. i feel like this is something i shouldve known. i ended up getting their g +g simple burger and split a side a fries with nick. the burger was just as it says, simple. yet it was delicious. i would get it again! fires were good too, although the yogurt ranch they come with was a little odd.


i never go to brunch, okay yeah i went to story hill but it was a freak occurrence that i went to brunch twice in a month. because before this month, i really cannot remember the last time i went. but omggggg sabrosa is so good. like i cannot wait to go back. i had the S.B.S.B.B.S. which is a spicy brown sugar bourbon bacon sandwich with fried egg & cheese on toasted tuscan bread with avocado crema & sour cream. do i need to say anymore? go there and get it, this weekend.

crafty cow:

now this place is known for their chicken and their burgers and guess what kelsey got…mac and cheese and fried pickles…just making sure im hitting all the food groups here. but i was just so tired and wasnt too hungry so went with something “light”…lol. as simple as both of these dishes were, they were good. the pickles coating was “bubbly” and not like some places where its more of a cornmeal coating so that was nice! then the big mac bowl was super simple AND i ate over half of it (which is a lot of me because i get full quickly). you also have the option to get chicken over it and i wasnt feelin. yeah i dont get how i wasnt feel chicken either.


we didnt eat here but how awesome of a location! this was our first time going here and it was delish!! they have a lot of different beer to choose from, hence why i got their flight. i cannot wait to go here 🙂

la merenda:

ughhhhh guys, this place got me. its was SO good and was small plates. I LOVE SMALL PLATES. but already knew that. and we had betty with us (nicks mom) which only meant that we were able to get more food because we had an extra mouth! since we were there on a friday, they had a fish special and this fridays was wisconsin caught perch and it tasted just like butter and who doesnt like butter. we then got the local artisan cheese & meat which was just a plate of cheese, sausage, bread, mustard, the kitchen sink, mushrooms annnnnd olives. then we got the truffled potato skins and these were not what i thought and in a good way! i planned getting like potato skin boats and no, these were like house chips and i about died because i have never tasted something like this before. we also had risotto con funghi which was as good as it sounded, i really like the microgreens that were on top, they just added another layer to the dish. next we got, pork and shrimp dumplings. now you know i like seafood but i cannot get myself to like shrimp. i keep trying and i keep not liking it. but betty and nick really enjoyed them. lastly, me, yes only me got their creme brulee. theres was chocolate with peanut brittle on top. i cannot say no when i see that on a menu.

andddd just like that we are done for march! woof, i felt like there was a lot. i am so happy that this month was better than last. now off to aprils food ( i keep reading this as apirl fools), i cant wait to see where i end up!

happy eating 🙂

xoxo kelsey

mke food :: feburary

happy end of february,

you know what it means over here when its the end of the month, right?

riiiiiight, i recap all the places i ate around the city. but i have to be honest right off the bat…february was not a good month for food. we ended up eating at a lot of place that i wasnt begging for more. we even revisited places and still, not overly excited about it. but that doesnt mean youll have the same experince & that doesnt mean i shouldnt talk about them.

so here we go, here is a list of where i ate this month:


if you know anything about vangaurd, you know theyre known for their sausage. well, me being me, i thought : “im documenting all my food so why not try something new. yeah, didnt go so well. i got the: “the brutus beefcake” and ill just say, i shouldve stuck with my normal. i normally get: a hotdog – seattle style. and per ustal, fries are a must but what really is a must is their baked potato balls, hellllooooo yummy!


well, the margarita was good! okay, the food wasnt all that bad but i wanted something more spicy & more traditional and i didnt get that here. i got the combo plate with a chimichanga, enchilada and taco. long story short, i didnt finish my plate. i dont know, i dont want to sound complainy but it just wasnt speaking to me. (plus dont tell nick, i wasnt really in the mood for mexican but he wanted it so i semi blame it on him for not really enjoying my meal, lol).


you gotta get the old fashioned

and FINALLY! a place i really liked. their old fashioned was super good, i mightve had two. if i see house chips on a menu, then im all in for getting that as my app! so yes, you have to get their house chips (i dont think that is something they have all the time so if you see it, get it). for my main dish, i got the reuben with a side of potato salad. my sandwich was good, i just wish the sauerkraut was more sour (im not german at all or anything). overall though, i loved my meal & the diner was so cute.

hungry sumo:

ughhhh you know that feeling when youve been wanting sushi and then you finally get it? i know you know what im talking about! hungry sumo has some of the best sushi ive ever had. and SINCE I LIKE SEAFOOD NOW, my options have opened as to what type of sushi i get. and yes i got miso soup and hello! its real good and you just have to have it. and with sushi, i never know if im going to be super full or still hungry when i order it…the struggle! this night i got the classic avocado roll and the spider roll which was crab. both were 10/10 but i did wish i wouldve gotten more! next time 🙂


and who doesnt love pizza? essentially, who doesnt love bruschetta salami, three different pizzas AND tiramisu allll in one sitting? everyone does, everyone. if you go to transfer with my family, where is no way youre not having the bruschetta salami… its so good! they have a garlic butter sauce on it and it cant get any better than that! this night, nick and i tried pizzas we either never had or havent had in a long time. from top to bottom we got the: garlic special and subbed pepperoni for sausage, hot rod and margherita. since i love tiramisu with everything in me, i had to get it! (its honestly, one of my favorite ones around town).


nick and i make a point to try wings whenever we can, so when we hear a place has good wings or just wings in general, then we must try! o’lydias has pretty yummy wings, although i wish they were a little buffalo tang to it. these wings were a little sweet for me. i ended up going with their buffalo and garlic buffalo but i think next time i would just do buffalo. and, i got fries too….but you already knew that 😉

lulu cafe:

annnnnd this is my favorite place, of all time. i know for sure that nick is sick of me wanting to go there but i love it. they have super good burgers, i mean they have super good everything but the burgers are my fav. i normally just get their classic burger with whatever cheese im feeling. when it comes to your sides, you have to get “little bit of both”. what does that mean? well, it means you get half of their house chips (yes, you have to get the blue cheese dipping sauce) and then half of their slaw. ughhhh both are so good! now i want some but nick would kill me if i asked.

fuel cafe:

last but not least. this was such a let down for me. i have eaten here before and loved my meal but we went last week, i did not like what i had. i was excited to try their wings but they were super greasy (i got grease stains on my shirt to prove it) AND the wings were huge. personally, i like my wings smaller and with medium amount of meat and these were just ick! for my main my meal, i got the toasted cheesey tomato with giardiniera peppers aka a buttafuoco. dont get me wrong, i love spice but my mouth was in FIRE! and that is all i could taste besides having mayo all over my face. again, i might be dramatic about this but i walked away feeling unsatisfied & not wanting to back.

and i know you guys wont hate me for the honesty. because this is a place for that and at the end of the day…this is just food! there are so many places in the city to explore and try.

i hope you guys enjoy reading this and i hope i didnt scare you away from places. i also hope you guy try these places and let me know if you do!!

happy eating 🙂

xoxo kelsey

mke food :: january

view mke

i keep seeing that it feels like the 74th of january and i really think it is the 74th of january.

well, i asked and you answered. so here i am, showing you and giving you a little insight of the places i ate at this past month. let me tell you, it was fun and filling! i enjoyed going to some new places but also enjoying my favorite spots. i do have to admit though, i forgot to document some…i was so focused on eating that i forgot to snap pictures. i feel like this is something we all can relate to.

i originally was only going to do new restaurants but then realized i should include ones that i have already been to too. chances are ,if im going back, it mustve been good!

here is a list of the places i went for either a drink or dinner or both:

i have to say, i really stepped out of my comfort zone here and tried three, yes 3!! 3, different seafood dishes. i am a changed woman. thank you boston for changing the seafood game for me!

so here we go! hopefully youre not hungry 😉

view mke:

first off, i am in love with the ceiling here! its so pretty with all the bottles and the lights. second off, i only sort of remember what i had for dinner…guys give me a break! this was a whole month ago! ive eaten a lot since then! i like view mke because its small plates. if i could, i would eat small plates all the time, im a little obsessed. like i said, i kind of remember what we got, first plate was a crab cake, here we are with the sea food! second plate was pork belly and third plate was pork schnitzel. all were SO good. i think my favorite was the pork schnitzel. and lastly, of course i needed a whiskey drink so i got a “new york sour”, its topped with red wine. ***this menu changes so that is why i wasnt able to give more detail about the dishes***. i know, youll never forgive me.

twisted path distillery:

i waited wayyyyy to long to try this place out. its not like i drive past in on my way to and from work everyday. i wish i wouldve gone sooner! the only “bad” thing about this place is, their whiskey is still aging (& i cannot wait to try it when its ready!!) . so my whiskey loving self freaked out a little bit and didnt know what to get. the bartender suggested the dark rum because it almost mocks a whiskey and she wasnt lying! and having a love for old fashioneds, i had her make me one with the dark rum and hellllooooooooo. dont worry, we went back a week later and i got the same thing lol.

lakefront brewery:

lakefront brewery. do i have to say more? we like to stop in once and awhile and just grab a beer because why not? i always try to try something new. prost!

st. pauls fish company:

again, here i am eating seafood. the lobster roll at st. pauls fish company is huge, literally. if you a champ like me, you would eat the whole thing and have no regrets but if youre not 110% hungry, i would share with someone. and yes, i get sharing can be hard…its something im not very good at ;). if the milwaukee public market wasnt awesome enough, this sandwich made it that much more awesome. and no, i didnt have room for the plastic fork…next time.

elsas on the park:

i would recommend this burger over and over and over again. you have to get the bigger mac at elsas. it is so stinking good!! and this burger is what you think it is. its a play on mcdonaldss big mac but obviously better! and the home chips are a must for your side…no questions asked. i will let you know that everyone at our table that night got the this same burger because its THAT good. AND AND AND they have super good wings but i was to busy eating them , i didnt get a picture.

purple door ice cream:

thank god i have friends that love ice cream as much as i do! nick and i were out to dinner with friends and they wanted ice cream. so i knew we had to go to purple door. they have a lot of different flavors but i went with the cookies and cream and didnt look back!

harbor house:

first things first, ive always gone to the harbor house in the winter. and what fun is that! one, you cannot sit outside and two, you cant see the skyline or water. ***reminder to self: go there in summer!!!*** ANYWAYS, i get their manhattan, over ice and this time around, i got clam chowder too. i would say for milwaukee clam chowder, it was good. a little runny but overall filled my chowder void (nothing like bostons though!!).

tenuta’s italian restaurant:

this cute italian place is kind of hidden if youre not familiar with bayview. dont worry – its not hard to find! i hate to brag but this is in walking distance from my house. this time around, i got classic spaghetti with meatballs and it was sooooo yummy! the meatballs were fresh and had just the right consistency. obvi, i had to end the night with tiramisu. oh! i always get their house pinot grigio and always get two glasses, its a must! 😉

fixture pizza pub:

great lakes distillery
mke brewing co.

no, we dont just get one pizza…we get two. and normally an app but like i said before, i was so invested in the wings that i didnt get a picture. though, i would recommend the wings or the house chips as an app! nick and i always lean towards these two pizzas: great lakes distillery and mke brewing co. yes, if you want you mouth on fire, then the mke brewing co. is just for you! what i like so much about the great lakes distillery is the cream cheese. something about it is just so good.

la masa empanada bar:

fries are a must for your side. theyre delish! okay…fries are always a must in my eyes. BUT that is not the only thing that is yummy, i normally always get their special and this night, their special was mashed potato with bacon, chives and sour cream. otherwise, i normally get and got was the cubin and the chicken tinga. when i finish eating, i always find myself saying: “i shouldve gotten three cubins because they are that good”.

holy cow or should i say burger?

that was a lot of food and a lot of recommendations. i hope this was everything you wanted and more, and dont worry – stay tuned for next months!

if you guys end up going out and trying these places, let me know! i would love to see you enjoying the same places i do 🙂

xoxo kelsey

mke boating


welcome back lovies! i hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend! my weekend was filled with non-stop food and drinks with friends and family.

i am so happy it is finally warm (great, now i jinxed it) to enjoy downtown again. the start of the warm weather means a lot of things for milwaukee like summerfest, actually every kind of fest, grilling, brewer games and of course boating.


one of my favorite things to do during late spring and summer is boating. and if you know anything about me, i hate the water but i can handle boating! thank god for nicks parents because they are the reason i get to enjoy it. they dock their boat on the milwaukee river. from there we either cruse up and down the river or we pull out the big guns and take on the lake (dont worry, we stay inside the break water) .


although, im not 100% sure what is it but there is something about boating and still being in the city that i love. i love that i can enjoy the sun and wind while still being able to see the sky line, hear the cars and buses and see people walking along side us. i love the idea of being able to use the boat to go from place to place instend of a car.


i may be a little bias but i think everyone should experience the milwaukee river and/or the lake at least once in their life. okay okay, its not anywhere a life changing event but there is something about it that i know you’ll enjoy. there are so many different ways to explore the water down here, canoeing, paddle tavern, boat cruises, rentals or byob (bring your own boat….lol). now i just have to convince nicks parents to let me drive!

xo kelsey