mke eats 3

we back, we back! and um hello… GO BUCKS! FEAR THE DEER! i can smell a championship win from here 😉 well, its monday which means you get to see where i ate. annnnd now youre picturing me eating, youre welcome. here is a list of all the places: south shore terrace kitchen & beer […]

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mke eats 2

happy monday peeps! i feel like i should have better name for these posts. i mean “mke eats” is pretty cut and dry as to what i will be blogging about butttttttt if anyone can think of something flashier, let me know! well the highlight of my week when it comes to food was, my […]

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mke eats 1:

hi! okay, this feels weird. i feel like it should be the end of the month but we are only a week into the month. ugh! i know, i know… im dramatic. anyway, here i am. grabbing life by the horns and doing my food blog once a week. yup, still kinda of scared like […]

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mke food : april

alright guys, you asked and now you shall receive, on my IG i asked if youd rather see my monthly eats more than just once a month. and lets be honest, your girl loves to eat! so, for now…intend of once a month of food blog post like i was doing for january, february and […]

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mke food: march

holy cow, what a month of food!! wayyyyyy better than last month! i blame febuary being not as good because it was a short month. makes sense, right? yeah, kind of! lets not mess around & get right into why you are here! here is where my mouth touched a fork this month: bellis bistro […]

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mke food :: feburary

happy end of february, you know what it means over here when its the end of the month, right? riiiiiight, i recap all the places i ate around the city. but i have to be honest right off the bat…february was not a good month for food. we ended up eating at a lot of […]

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mke food :: january

i keep seeing that it feels like the 74th of january and i really think it is the 74th of january. well, i asked and you answered. so here i am, showing you and giving you a little insight of the places i ate at this past month. let me tell you, it was fun […]

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