mke food: august

here we are AGAIN! yay!

im not three weeks late on this foodie blog, you are. its you ๐Ÿ˜‰

just kidding totally me, lets just say i took some time off? yeah, lets go with that. from what i can remember, august was a good eating month but honestly, all of the months are good eating months.

okay, enough of me talking about nothing and you thinking “you do this every time kelsey, just SHOW ME THE FOOD”.

here we were i ate/drank in august:


if you ever want literally the best asian food in milwuakee, you have to go here. its served as small plates (which you know i love) and small plates are the best because you get to have more than just one thing from the menu. we got their: chicken and cabbage dumplings, egg foo young and kung pao pork. everything was amazing but i have to say, i dont know if i was full or i really didnt like it but the kung pao pork, i wasnt a huge fan of. nick loves it and swears by it but i just wasnt feeling it. another thing is, i wish the egg foo young was a little smaller, that big was huge!

wisconsin state fair:

if you asked everyone who i went with, all they will probs say is “it was so hot, we were all sweaty”. but are you really going to the fair and not sweating?? it is even the fair if youre not sweating? ANYWAYS, my MUST when i go to the fair is cheese curd and the place i always have to go is brad & harrys cheese curds. they. are. the. best. something that i always do at the fair is know where the cheap beer is because you need something to wash the curds down with! another that i always have to get at the fair is milk. now, i do not like milk but i love the flavored milk at the fair. every year i get chocolate and root beer and there is no other way to go. now – i did have a lot more to eat but these were my highlights.


you guys know, ive talked about foxfire before, you can see here and here. but their hot fried chicken sandwich is the best, like the best ever. do i need to say anymore?


some of the best italian food in mke! i love gloriosos for so many reasons. i mean duh, their food is amazing both their deli and their hot sandwiches but is doesnt stop there, they also have a store where you can get a TON of italian staples. my go to sandwich there is their italian beef with mild giardiniera.

boone and crockett:

i just like their old fashioneds, like a lot…i prove it here! this is one of my favorite bars in mke! nick loves their manhattans, if they is what youre into ๐Ÿ˜‰

club garibaldi:

now, there are one of my favorite wings in milwaukee & their cheese fries are like not even a question when you go. their wings are VERY comparable to points east butttttt still not the complete same. when it comes to their wings, they only come in “hot” but theyre not too spicy. i think what mellows them out is because they are grilled.

milwaukee irish fest:

guys…this was my first time EVER! EVER! to irish fest and when i told that to people, they were shocked. well, im not irish sooooo i never had a reason to go. well, i am glad i did! it was fun, a lot bigger than i thought and the food was to die for…oh so where the drinks. you know me, i love whiskey & jameson is my favorite so it was a win all around. i had a reuben and it was amazing. i ate wayyyyy too much of it but didnt regret it one bit! and i dont remember of the place i got my sandwich, im sorry!


the best bar food in milwaukee! i love this place, if youre looking to bar food, this is a must! nick and i quick stopped in here for a drink and a “snack”. and i say “snack” because we got their poutine and OMG!!!! there was so much on the plate but sooo good. i loved it because each bite had a cheese curd and that is not always the case but it is when it comes to camino.

kegles inn:

now, if youre from mke, this place is known for their fish fry and so well that there is always a huge wait to get in. well, nick and i took advantage of their oktoberfest and thought we would try their fish. annnnnnnnnnnd it wasnt good. ugh i hoped it wouldve been the best i ever had but nope. i almost didnt finish my plate because i didnt like it that much. BUT their potato pancakes were very good. i am thinking that the fish wasnt all that because it was a festival and i understand that it can be hard to have food like it would be in the restaurant.

and there we have it! only like three weeks late but IVE BEEN BUSY! i do more than just eat, which i know is hard to believe.

next months might be a little delayed too, im off to germany for two weeks, i cant wait!

xoxo kelsey

chill on the hill w/press

i feel like ive been non stop all summer long! am i alone here?

i hope not.

milwaukee as so much going on in summer, that i feel like i am missing so much because im doing so much. can i get an amen??

since moving to bayview (yes, its only been a year but feels like home), one of my FAVORITE things to do is go to chill on the hill. chill on the whaaaa? chill on the hill is why i love tuesdays in the summer. chill on the hill is held at humboldt park, in bayview. in the park, they have a band shell that is “especially designed for acoustic excellence”. and it does not disappoint. music from local musicians play from 6-8:30. i really like that chill on the hill is made possible due to all their local sponsors and the bay view neighborhood association.

now lets be honest, the real reason why i love chill on the hill so much is because of the food you get to eat. they do have local food trucks and restaurants that set up but if youre anything like me, you take great pride in creating snacks. of course, we have a drink or three while we are there too.

even though i take pride in snack making, i go pretty simple and easy.

here are my go tos:

  • cheese, my goal here is to get 2-3 cheeses i have never had before and i wait until i get there to try them. some of my favorite spots to get cheese are outpost, sendik’s and woodmans.
  • crackers and i try and get different ones every time, some of my favorites are marys and back to nature
  • green apple because cheese, crackers and an apple slice are awesome!
  • “something speical”, in this case i bought cheese whips wrapped in salami but i normally make something different each week
  • fruit
  • veggies
trays can be found here

and this week… i also brought press seltzer.

cooler can be found here

whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt is press seltzer? well its a locally made and comes in some awesome flavors. my favorite flavor is the blackberry hibiscus but i really would drink all the flavors just because they are that good. what i like about press is, their flavors are fresh and they use different flavor combos which in the end, end up just working together. dont you wish everything in life was that easy? just kidding, then life would be boring!

once everything is packed up, we talk over, set up & eat while enjoying the bands that play.

chair can be found here
foldable table can be found here

if you live in milwaukee or near milwaukee, i would recommend chill on the hill 110%. which means, you need to keep your schedule cleared on tuesdays. well actually mondays too much you gotta plan, buy and get your snacks and drinks ready for tuesday! (and no, that is something i dont do, just a suggestion ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

xoxo kelsey

forever the best photos by: ARISSA



mke eats 8

at blogger collab day

its monday and you know it means my weekly food blog , right? well kinda.

although i like the idea of blogging about food once a week, i desided i am going back to the once a month food blog. just like old times ๐Ÿ™‚

now this doesnt mean that im done with food because THERE IS NO CHANGE IN HELL THAT IS HAPPENING. i love food and i love sharing it with you. i just have a lot of other blog posts i want to focus on so therefore, the foodie posts are back to once a month.

with that being said…

here is where i ate/drank this past week:

milwaukee jerky:

i have always loved beef jerky, like an embarrassing amount. like im kind of embarrassed to even say that im embarrassed. but i guess what should i be embarrassed when something is super tasty and locally made? last week, i won a contest on instagram and with that contest, i won three of their flavors they have. i got their honey bbq, spicy inferno and smoked hickory. lets just say that i have already order and eaten a lot of beef jerky within the last couple of days. their prices are fair, the jerky is made locally and the owners of the company are so nice and flexible with ordering. like i said, i ordered from them because it was just THAT good. i ended up ordering their spicy inferno because i liked the flavor and the heat. now its not overly spicy but spicy enough. i also enjoy this type of jerky because its not the chewy, hard stuff you get from the story. milwaukee jerky makes sure their jerky is soft and tender while leaving you wanting to eat the whole bag. if you’re interested in buying their product, the best way to reach them is on their facebook.

fixture pizza:

yes i have been here so many times, and im pretty sure i get the same pizza over and over agian. and i get their chips over and over too. but hey! like i said last week, if something is good, why change it up? (im kidding). when you go there, its a must to get their house chips because it comes with nacho cheese and jalapenos. again, i love heat so the jalapenos are a great touch. this time around, we got their mke brewing co, great lakes distillery and the var gallery pizza. each pizza is one of a kind but yet all so good.

vines and rushes winery:

this past weekend, a group of my blogger friends and i headed up to ripon, wi for blogger collab day. our last stop of the day was at vines and rushes. i literally had no idea that there was even a winery “up north” but there is and its so pretty! now i also didnt realize that a winery makes pizzas too. and the pizza isnt just a frozen pizza, its wood brick oven pizza and its to die for! we all shared a few of their margarita pizzas and wine of course! we did do a tasting of their different wines and my favorite was their marquette rose. it was on the sweeter side but very refreshing ( i know nothing about wine lol).

harbor house:

we wanted to go somewhere for drinks before dinner and because were at the art museum, i suggested harbor house. we got their cranbery, orange manhattan and of course, i was hungry and wanted to try their garlic parmesan fires and literally couldve had two serving because they were that good! the drink was good too ๐Ÿ™‚

sail loft:

now this is a place that i used to really enjoy and i feel like the past couple of times that ive been here, i wasnt impressed what i had. this time around i got their lobster roll because i had been craving one and it was not good. the maine lobster roll did have a lemon parmesan peppercorn aioli and that was what i think wasnt good about it. i love all of the aspects of that aioli but dang! it was not good. and i was upset that this wasnt what i wanted because i had been craving a lobster roll for the longest time!

i kinda feel like this is goodbye but its not?

its totally not, well ill see everyone next month for my monthly food blog. thank you for sticking around all these weeks while i tested the foodie water.

xoxo kelsey

mke eats 7

monday funday, right?

this past week/weekend was a weird one for me, did anyone else feel that way? even though it was weird, i did end up trying some new food places which is always a plus! AND i even went to brunch…yes everyone, this is something that i rarely do!

here is where the food went down this past week:

tacos el charritos:

this place is always our go to when we dont feel like cooking and i blame the truck because its only a two minute drive from our house. i really only had their quesadillas but my thing is, if something is good why change it? jk! but their quesadillas are so simple, a little greasy but so good. i have had the steak before but i would have to say that their chicken is my favorite. and the salsas that comes with the meals are so authniec and spicy, i love it! (okay, the salsas arent that spicy but have a little heat to them).

meat on the street:

ugh i was so excited to finally try this anddddddddddddddddd i wasnt too impressed. although, i have never had filipino food (thats why i tried it). i got a a chicken coconut ginger bowl and i couldnt really taste the ginger and i could only taste a little of the coconut. i did like the straw mushrooms that were in it. when i was handed the bowl….its not what i thought it was going to look like. overall, the bowl was okay, just not what i thought it was going to be. i just wish it had more flavor.


all i got was a churro, and i loved every single bite.

north ave grill:

now this isnt in the neck of my woods but i was helping my friend ceci move. by the time we were done moving, we were SO hungry that we went to the closest place and that ended up being north ave grill. i have drove past this place so many times but never thought twice about stopping and trying. i got their buffalo blt wrap. and lets be honest, anything blt or buffalo is always something know you im going to get. i got their buffalo blt wrap with fries and loved it! it was just a simple wrap with everything youd want on it. there was enough buffalo and not too much of anything. it filled me right up!

simple cafe:

like i said, i never do brunch but this weekend nick suggested that we go and im not going to say not no, duh! we went to simple cafe and i got what i always get, their mashed potato omelet. see a pattern here? when i like something and i dont go there a lot, i get the same thing over and over. i love this omelet because they stuff it with potatoes, bacon and green onions and they top it with creole hollandaise sauce…SO good!

i guess the take away from this is, dont be like me and try new things? or you can totally be like me and get the same things over and over again? totally up to you, i mean, i dont know why you wouldnt want to be like me ๐Ÿ˜‰

have a good week my peeps!

xoxo kelsey

mke eats 6

its monday, its monday! i know some of you are like “omg stoppppppp” and the other half of you are like “yaasssss girl, new week!”. well how ever you are, you already know what today is….MKE FOOD DAY!

lets get right into this.

here are this weeks eats & drinks:


i never knew what an arepa was until i went to boston. both nick and i were so hungry that we didnt care what we ate. well, we ended up ordering arepas and omgggg they were everything i ever wanted. who doesnt like cheese and cornbread? since that trip, i havent had an arepa since but nick discover pedros. its a south american food cart that offer arepas and tacos. well, of course i got a veggie arepa and it was AMAZING! a million times better than the one i had in boston. pedros had a good sweetness to their cornbeard, it was topped with black beans, cream, onions and so much more. oh and the inside was filled with cheese. we also got their street corn and that was just as good. street corns been my thing lately and whenever i see it, i have to get it! along with my corn and arepa, i had a few beers from good city brewing. i got the leo beer and it was really crisp with a little bit of a hoppy taste but nothing crazy. AND the whole reason why even where able to get pedros is because the urban ecology center hosted “bike and bite“. so right outside of the ecology center, they had music, food, drinks and bikes. all said and done, it was a 14 miles round trip bike ride for us!


i never was at their old site but their new site is awesome. i love all of their open space, plants and rustic/farmhouse feels. their beer is also awesome too, i had their cream city brix and loved it. it was on the lighter side but overall had great creamy flavor. and the reason why we stopped here was because… (see below)


mixconsin was having an event to try out their canned craft cocktails. i have been following mixconsin on IG for awhile now and have been really interested in what they were up too. then about a month ago, they announced they were hosting an event at enlightened to try out their crafted canned cocktails. so i knew it was a must to go! naturally, i only tried their old fashioned because hello, that is one of my fav drinks. i tired both their brandy and whiskey old fashioned and i would say that i liked the brandy over the whiskey. normally, i am not a fan of pre-made drinks but i really liked theirs! they tasted fresh for being in a can and they didnt leave me feel gross after i had tried them.


you guys, if i could i would eat here all the time. i have talked about this place here. but i always end up getting their bigger mac, which is just like a big mac but a million times better! and we did get their wings, which i LOVE but i was too busy eating them to get a picture, i mean…can you blame me? oh, you have to get their house chips too, i am sucker for chips and theirs are perfect!

have a good everyone and ill see you here next monday!!

xoxo kelsey

mke eats 5

i get it, you couldnt sleep last night because i didnt post my eats for the past week. BUT WE ARE HERE TODAY!

dont be mad at me, please ๐Ÿ˜‰

since youre probs so tired from not being able to sleep, ill keep this bad boy to the point for you, soooo you dont fall alseep!

here is where i drank/ate last week:

crafty cow:

the main reason why i went here was because i was invited by epicurean chronicles. say what? ec gets local people together to eat, drink and come together a foodies. which i think is awesome. we didnt just eat at crafty cow, there was also triva buttttttt that didnt go as well as it should have. am i the only one who sucks at triva? anyways, we all shared apps which were: shishito peppers, vietnamese brussel sprouts, #poutineofthemonth ( cilantro, Pickled Red Onion, Green Onion, jalapeรฑo, crispy Pork Belly, korean bbq) and loaded buffalo cheese curds. if i had to pick my favorite, i think it would have to be the brussel sprouts. i mean i love brussel sprouts regardless but these had chili lime sauce so they were sweet and spicy (hello, one of the best combos!) and they it was topped with cashews for a nice little crunch. for my meal, i stole a lot of arissas tots because duh. who doesnt like those. and then i ended up getting their dirty swiss burger which is just a mushroom swiss burger topped with caramelized onions. i asked for it extra dirty and the waiter didnt think i was funny…overall the burger was okay. i actually was a little disappointed in the overall flavor. it was a little boring and didnt have much flavor. but i loved being apart of this event and meeting new people along with catching up with others. also, thank you to crafty cow for hosing!

1840 brewing company:

i wish i could say that i have been here before but i havent. and the reason behind it is, nick and i thought for the longest time that it was a private company and we werent “allowed” in. but guess what? you are! we stopped at 1840 when we finished bay view gallery night (which was awesome). the inside of 1840 is awesome, it has an urban farmhouse feel and they have a window wall that opens out to the road and a lot of seating. i got their…i forgot the name of it, I KNOW!!! i suck. the reason why i go it, it because it was made with kombucha.


nick wanted to try their carry our menu for brunch, its kind of like a quick order and go style but as we were walking up, he desired he wanted to sit and stay. this was something that i wasnt upset about because i wanted to sit down and enjoy the whole time lol. i started off my brunch with their, morning blend mamosa which is: prosecco, smirnoff vodka, freshly-squeezed orange juice and frozen mango cube and omggggg i couldve had two of them. they were so refreshing and i loved the fresh frozen mango cubes. for my brunch, i had their italiano benedict and again, i couldve had two of them. it was so sosososooooooo good. sabrosa does change their menu so this was on their special for the week. the benedict had tomato focaccia bread, poached eggs with a dijon hollandaise sauce, sauteed spinach, onions and tomatoes with rosemary potatoes then topped with green onions. i ate the whole thing and didnt turn back!

hacienda beer co

i feel like im not a true foodie, i had NO idea this was coming to mke. the only way i knew was because our friends wanted to go and obvi im going to say yes to beer! first off, i want the insdie of my house to look like in the inside of this bar and two, their beer was pretty good. although i do prefer a pilsner style beer, their beer still pasted my test. i got their does anyone work around here? its a dry hopped unfiltered larger. their beers are on the hoppy side but this one was just enough for me.

egg & flour:

ive had my eye on this place for awhile now and its right across the street from hacienda so i knew this was the right time to go! mke has a new food hall called cross road collective and egg and flour is inside of that. i got their bucatini which is: cream, grana padano cheese and black pepper. and im a sucker for anything with black pepper in it, i might be a little obsessed. when we first got our pasta i thought to myself “wow this isnt a lot”. well, i was totally wrong because it was just enough. the past was fresh, heavy and cooked just right, the sauce was creamy and had just enough spice and pepper in it. we also shared their fresh baked bread. i really wish i wouldve gotten my own because it was so good. the top had garlic salt on it (no it wasnt a gross amount) and then it came with spread that was so good and kind of tasted like bacon? not 100% but SO good.

and there ya have it! another week of food for you guys.

as always, let me know if you try one of these places.

xoxo kelsey

mke eats 4

hey babes,

glass + griddle

i think that every weekend should be three days long because why not? i mean, i feel so much more relaxed and rested. plus if we had a three day weekend, that would just give me that much more opportunity to eat more food.


here is where i ate/drank this week:

glass + griddle:

we really didnt have any plans on going here BUT they did do a giveaway on their IG and i won! i mean, why wouldnt i enter a giveaway for all you can drink beer? plus the bucks were playing so we thought it was a perfect idea to obvi take advantage of the giveaway i won + watch the bucks. now, i didnt branch out this time because i got the same thing as i did last time. this time around, again, i got their g+g simple burger. its pretty good, i mean its hard to go wrong with two burgers and cheese. nick and i shared their fries and this time, their yogurt ranch was good. i remember last time i went, it wasnt good but much improvement this time!

cafe corazon:

i had the taste for the chips and salsa so i suggested to get mexi! i have also been wanting corazons mushroom quesadilla. seriously, if you love mushrooms as much as i do, you HAVE to get their mushroom quesadilla. i love that it has corn and avocado in it along with cheese. cannot forget the cheese! anyways, its always a must to get their chips and salad and you also have to get their large guacamole…because who just gets a small quac? no, i didnt a marg, i wasnt feeling one that night (yeah, i dont know whats wrong with me either) but their margs are yummy!

foxfire + hawthorne coffee roasters :

omggggg i have been waiting for the LONGEST time to get their burger. yes, they have a burger. although, they dont have their burger when theyre out in their food truck but when theyre at hawthorne, they have their burger. along with a lot of other goodies you can get from the truck. before i get into the burger, this was first time at hawthorne. this place is pretty cool because they serve coffee and alcohol. so naturally, nick and i got whiskeys and cokes. okay so now back to the burger…its probs one of the best burgers i have had! it was so simple yet so good! it had two patties, cheese, onions and pickles. AND IT COMES WITH FRIES, double sold! ugh so good. so good.

trailer park tavern:

this new bar in bayview has been open for less than a week and this place is pretty cool. we stopped in for a drink over the weekend just to check it out and i really like what they did the space. i am not 100% sure what the space was before but they made everything look nice and fresh! head over there soon ๐Ÿ™‚


by far, one of my favorite italian restaurants in milwaukee. i feel like we go here a lot but really its once every couple of months. now, i try and get something new each time i go. this time around we got their fritta which is fresh whole milk mozzarella, marinara and romano. this is just a fancy way of saying deep fried mozzarella cheese. each dish comes with a side salad, i always stick to their house salad and i also #yolo and try their featured salad dressing/ this nights was an artichoke and giardiniera vinaigrette. and it was SO FLIPPIN GOOD. i wanted to take some home, it was that good. for my main dish, i got their parmigiana eggplant. so. good. the eggplant was thick cut, lightly breaded and when it came to the pasta sausage, it was seasoned perfectly. and no, no dessert, i was wayyyyy too full to even think of eating anymore.

okay now i am hungry,

i hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and i hope the rest of your week is awesome!

xoxo kelsey

mke eats 3

we back, we back! and um hello… GO BUCKS! FEAR THE DEER!

i can smell a championship win from here ๐Ÿ˜‰

well, its monday which means you get to see where i ate. annnnd now youre picturing me eating, youre welcome.

here is a list of all the places:

south shore terrace:

i love this place but my only complaint i have about it is, its not open on monday or tuesday which means NO BEER! the beer garden/terrace is little over a mile from our house and its worth every step. i mean, duh…youre just talking off what you drink or eat so its a win win. youre full and got your steps in! this time around besides getting a beer, we also got a milwaukee pretzel company soft pretzel with their house made honey mustard & beer cheese. i probably could eat 5 of these. the outside isnt all hard and over cooked, its toasted just perfectly and the inside is so soft and airy. ugh now i want one! nick and i also got their club wrap with fries. the wrap was good, it was lightly toasted on the outside and fresh! i didnt feel like a grease ball once i was finished it.


i have eaten here before and wasnt impressed but i decided i would give it another go this weekend. the bucks were playing, we wanted to head to a sports barwith a million tvs so we ended up here. and even though i gave their food another go, i still wasnt impressed. we started off the big mozz which were mozzarella sticks wrapped in wonton wrappers. i wanted these to be melty, crunchy, light and flavorful and they were not. i mean yeah, they were okay, i ate them but i wasnt left wanting more. for my meal, i played it safe and go their blt and it was just that but with really greasy “toasted” bread. when i picture a blt, i picture the bread being toasted in a toaster and not on the greasy grill. and if we are being real honest, i did down about 6 whiskey and seltzer waters #sorrynotsorry.

even the picture is scary

taco moto:

well nick bought new tires for his bike which meant, he wanted to take it out riding (yes, i wore my helmet) so he suggested we go to boone and crockett and grab a drink. well, nick is notorious for not eating. which is fine in all, but that also means oddly timed snacks/meals which then means a late dinner. but its fine, im the queen of eating dinner at like 830-9. ANYWAYS, taco moto is the taco truck that sits outside of boone and crockett and since nick didnt eat, he suggested we get tacos to hold us over. well me being me, the two grilled chicken thigh tacos turned into a grilled corn cup and with their kwayso lol or just queso. i would have to say, their tacos didnt wow me but the corn and queso did! omg. so. good. i told nick that i would literally just go there for their queso. the seasoning on the chips was just right, and to my surprise, there was guacamole in the middle of the queso. i did not see that coming! and the queso was spiced just right and the consistency was perfect. for the corn, it super yummy too! (i was too busy enjoying the queso to remember details about the corn.

swinin’ door exchange:

i cant believe that we only had to wait 40 minutes to get into here! and i can already hear you say “really kelsey, you waited that long? and how are you about to say only..?”. its because this place is normally poppin off and by that i mean, there is normally an hour to an hour and a half wait. so of course, ill take 40 minutes. i had been itching for a reuben and i knew this place was where i should get one. what i liked about here is, for the sauce, they asked if i wanted 1000 island, horseradish or both. i took both without question because i love other of them a little too much. for my side, i subbed their house made loaded potato soup. i really appreciated that this soup didnt taste just like bacon because that tends to happen in soups like this. but this one was delish! i wish i didnt get so full because i wanted to finish my sandwich but i couldnt…i know, what problems i have!

i hope you guys enjoyed! and i hope you guys go and try one of these places too!

see ya next monday with more food!

xoxo kelsey

mke eats 2

happy monday peeps!

i feel like i should have better name for these posts. i mean “mke eats” is pretty cut and dry as to what i will be blogging about butttttttt if anyone can think of something flashier, let me know!

well the highlight of my week when it comes to food was, my FAVORITE food truck was back at burnhearts (its a bar right by my house). i love foxfire a little too much, its my favorite food truck in milwaukee!

this weeks eats and drinks:


i literally could eat their fried chicken sandwich every single day. and im not kidding. i am so happy this is the food truck that is so close to my house once its spring/summer. the owners are great and so personable. last week was the first time foxfire was back near my house. so i knew right away i needed to get dinner there. their menu does change here and there but they always have their fried chicken! although, last week , they had a new version on the fried chicken called: the baller. annnnnd it was just as amazing as their normal fried chicken. this one had their signature spicy fried chicken on it, pickles, spicy mayo, slaw and american cheese. yeah, do i need to say anymore? i would recommend following them on IG because they are always updating their IG as to where they will be next.


nick and i have been waiting to go here for the longest time. so finally, last friday, i said we were going and we went! the restaurant itself is so cute, there is so much character. we started off with getting come craft cocktails, nick got their “call it a night”, their award winning manhattan and i got their “wood dog” which was different (in a good way!!!) because it had raspberry syrup in it. i would say it was almost like an old fashioned but a little sweeter. now, since i LOVE almost all seafood now, i got their spicy crab pasta and oh my god!! the noodles were light and fresh and the overall taste was to die for! one part i really enjoyed was the dish included
soppressataย (italian dry salami) which made it a little spicy and gave it just that kick of salt to finish the dish. if you want to know what nick got, he went with their berkshire pork chop and he loved it. i tried it too and it passed the test ๐Ÿ˜‰


this is a local bar that weve been wanting to try ever since we moved to bayview. this bar is one of the oldest in milwaukee. nick and i stopped here for a drink after goodkind and i enjoyed it. i really liked how its not your “modern day bar”. the walls in the bar, im sure, have a lot of stories! this place is great for just grabbing a drink or to stay for a game or two of ping pong.

foxfires gas station sandwich:

okay, we did stop into mothership for a few drinks on saturday night. but i have had my eye on foxfires sandwiches they have there. i ended up going with their hot fried chicken salad sandwich(duh!) and i literally shouldve gotten two. this sandwich is as good as their hot fried chicken sandwich from their food truck. i loved how this sandwich was just like ones you would see in a gas station. it had the thick white bread and everything. ugh now i want another one just talking about it!

the vanguard:

now now, i have talked about this place before on my blog post from february. but this place is so close to our house that we end up going here a lot more than other places. this time around, i stuck with that i knew best. a hot dog, seattle style (cream cheese, onion and shredded cheddar cheese), mashed potato balls and fries. all three of those are my go tos!

i know…super flash!

all this fried chicken talk, i want fried chicken now ๐Ÿ˜‰

i hope everyone has a good week of eating!

xoxo kelsey

mke eats 1:


okay, this feels weird. i feel like it should be the end of the month but we are only a week into the month. ugh! i know, i know… im dramatic.

anyway, here i am. grabbing life by the horns and doing my food blog once a week. yup, still kinda of scared like i said in my post last week.

heres whats the plate this week:

classic slice:

okay, its a must to get the awesome breadstix with cheese like its not even a question. but if youre getting take out, i suggest calling a head of time and ordering because then you arent waiting around in the restaurant for your cheese bread. when it come to their pizza by the slice, that is a lot quicker! now their pizza is kind of like NYC style but better! and no, its not milwaukee style but still delish. yes, they have actual pizza but why wouldnt you want a just a huge slice? i mean why wouldnt you want a slice with cheese bread, if you ask me…thats the best combo! i always either go with pepperoni or cheese. the slices are the size of your face so no need for more than once slice…unless you have a really big face!

brew city booch kombucha:

guys, its 2019 and everyone is drinking it! drinking what? kombucha! now if you dont know what kombucha is, go and google it. but trust me, youll love it. but i know youll love brew citys even more! i recently worked with the owners of this local milwaukee brand and i think its safe to say i LOVE their kombucha. now, they are a smaller company but their products flavor is far from small. ive tired a lot of kombucha in my time and i have to admit their kombucha is one of my favs. right now, their main flavors are: ginger turmeric, lemon thyme, jasmine, berry hibiscus and chai. when i was trying them, i told myself “okay, youre going to have to pick your favorite”. well, that wasnt easy because theyre so good, like really good. but if i had to pick one to drink of the rest of my life, i would love to choose the ginger turmeric because i loved the fresh ginger but then the slight bitterness of the turmeric root. for all my mke peeps, you can find brew city booch at: west allis cheese and sausage at both of their locations, downer sendiks, 1840 brewing company, component brewing company, g. groppi food market and celesta. they are also at the south shore farmers market, so i will be getting my fix every saturday come summer!

blue bat:

i have been waiting to go to the place for the longest time! and this past week, i finally had the opportunity to do so. i have recently partnered with SPORTea and because of our partnership, i have a TON of samples to give away (so please let me know if you want some!). BUT the reason why im telling you that is because another local foodie, julie, reached out for a sample and with the tea, i included a note saying we should get dinner. wellllllll julie, arissa (because we cant not go anywhere without one another) and myself went to blue bat. i suggested this place because its been on my list for awhile now. i started off dinner with their traditional margarita which was yummy – nothing wrong with a lime on the rocks marg with a salted rim. then ive been meaning to try street corn so that was a must for an app, lets just say, i couldve eaten the whole thing!! for my meal, i had the shanghai pork belly bowl and hello yum!!! i have had pork belly before but nothing like this style. it was bigger slabs for pork belly which were super tender. i like the sweet and sour touches to this dish too!

purple door ice cream:

i really only have been here a handful of times but each time i do, i love it and i make it a point to try a new flavor too. i saw purple door had come out with a new flavor for 414 day and i knew i had to get there and try it. what flavor you ask? i got their purple moon. ive been trying to figure out how to describe what this tastes like and i would say its kind of like blue moon but better. purple moon wasnt as sweet, had a little crunch in it and was topped with a malted milk ball – who doesnt love those? i will be having this flavor again. it looks like am a flavor repeater now lol.

the mothership:

wait, you havent heard of the mothership? well, its only the best new corner bar in bayview! and im not just saying that. we hit this stop on friday night to check it out and i will be back! why? because pull tabs. you know i love those things and i become hooked when im pullin’. i love what has been dong with the space, the drinks are good and the vibes are chill too. and for all hamm lovers, its $2 hamms all day long!

cafe centraal:

yup, back here again! but this time just for drinks. yes, my weekend did include A LOT of drinking. but hey, #wisconsin right? we stopped here for a quick early afternoon drink before we went golfing and no, im not a golfer lol. but i got a traditional mimosa which you can never go wrong with just like a traditional marg. i literally couldve had four but then i would be on the floor lol. i also had a bloody mary but i wish i wouldve gotten a different one. i ended up getting the traditional bloody and guess what? NO CHEESE OR MEAT! so next time, i will have to get the the milwaukeean. but a bloody is a bloody and even though it didnt have cheese or meat in mine, i still enjoyed it!

city lights brewing:

we thought biking around and getting beers was a great idea until nicks tire popped and we were stuck. well not really because were we steps away from city lights but still, we had to uber home and then pick up this bike. anyways, this was my first time going here and i loved it! they have a huge outside area and the inside was cute! i loved all the brick and the exposed ceilings. since this was my first time here, i was that person who had to try all their beers to figure out what i liked. for both rounds, i went with the burt wheat rose and it was soooo good. i liked it because it was light and was a little fruity. i also liked it because it wasnt sweet, it had a little tartness to it.

and we made it! i hope you enjoyed and i hope you can get out and try some of these places!

have a good week & see you next monday ๐Ÿ™‚

xoxo kelsey