its 2020 and im bored!

its 2020! new year, new me…right? RIGHT. i think i typed and then deleted this first part here like five times so im not even going to try again to sound like i have it together. i feel like ive been hiding my life more than normal when it comes to posting here or on […]

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and im getting married!

i told myself that i wouldnt be THAT person who is obsessed about getting married. Buttttt i feel as if that is slowly changing. i mean, come on!  IM GETTING MARRIED. And if we are really keeping track, i get married in like eight months. im not sweating, you are… although i was told that […]

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just a little life update

hi, im still here. i realized i havent written a blog post in over a month, maybe more… i am not fully sure of that. i know, im on your shit list. yes, i will need to post my monthly food blog and i do want to post my engagement story too ~so cute~ AND […]

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kupofkelsey is one!

HI! so this is really weird to me. i feel like a mom. because now i know what it feels like when your baby turns one. MY BLOG IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY PEOPLE!!! (yes, i actually thought about throwing myself a party). i was trying to think about what i would write about. one […]

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flipping the rental

just call me joanna gaines now, i mean come on! its only fitting right? well kind of, i didnt knock any walls down, i didnt install an island and i didnt give the space that cute modern farmhouse style she has. and i didnt even do this alone, nick was there too…this wouldnt have been […]

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glen 1o1

hey guys, i feel like ive been gone way longer then i should have. like i said in my last post, life has been non-stop. why you ask…well because we got a PUPPY! …i knew all caps would draw you in.  yes, us the “we dont want to have responsibilities”, got a dog. now i […]

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