its 2020 and im bored!

its 2020! new year, new me…right?


i think i typed and then deleted this first part here like five times so im not even going to try again to sound like i have it together.

i feel like ive been hiding my life more than normal when it comes to posting here or on IG (i know youve missed me). i feel as if the lack of being present is because one, ive been balls deep in wedding planning, yes – im that bride that just wants to do everything by herself and not have any help. we all know that isnt possible. another reason is because i feel totally and completely lost when it comes to who i am. i found myself getting caught up in what i am rather than who i am. i felt as if i wasnt being 100% myself and i hated that so i kind of took a step back. its hard to not look at others and think “wow, thats a lot of followers….what am i doing wrong?” or ” dang okay, well what i posted is stupid because no one really commented on it or liked it”. and why does that matter? it doesnt. but like i said, it bothered me so bad that i didnt post much, i didnt do my normal photoshoots, i stopped looking through a creative lenses. which ISNT ME AT ALL. come on, im that kid who always answered “art” as my favorite subject.

but im bored. i am bored of not showing my life, what im doing or what im eating. im bored of pretending to be someone who im not. and okay, im not saying that social media totally changed me and i slipped into a dark hole of being a totally different person but you get it. im fine, i really am. this is sound more dramatic than it should be but im dramatic so its fitting!

im bored of talking about the same old same old, im bored of not show you what i really want to show you. im bored of staying in my shell and not being me. say bored one more time. bored.

so here is girl scout 3 finger, “on my honor…”

i will be me, i will do this and i will NOT let myself or you down.

xoxo kelsey

and im getting married!

i told myself that i wouldnt be THAT person who is obsessed about getting married. Buttttt i feel as if that is slowly changing. i mean, come on! 

IM GETTING MARRIED. And if we are really keeping track, i get married in like eight months. im not sweating, you are… although i was told that it’s doable, but that was also told  to me by a wedding planner. (no, we dont have a wedding planner, youre looking at her;) ).

But hey,  i love planning. literally its my dream to be a planner of some sort.

enough kelsey, let me hear how nick did it!!

Okay fine – here it is!

now you gotta be in the mindset of it being labor Day weekend and this point we were like two weeks away from heading to germany. we had talked about doing a little weekend trip either going to MN or chicago. if youre thinking “why Chicago?” well, chicago holds a little piece life for both nick and i. 

nick and i started dating april of 2012 and yes, we were still in high school. ugh I know, so cute lol. well being 18 both of had no idea what we wanted to do, all we knew was, i was staying here in milwaukee and nick was headed to columbia for school. we spent everyday during that summer together, like everyday. but soon came fall, which meant this newly, fresh and young love could only go on during the weekends. yeah, we texted, called and skyped but still…being 18 that was hard!! not to over bore you with details, nick made the decision to move back home once the fall semester was over. columbia wasn’t for him and me being me, I was SO excited to have him home. no more going weeks without seeing each other. 

we then both were at uwm, i was still living at home and he was down on the east side. with him being back home, that just meant more time we got to spend together. i would say that we learned a lot one another. Let’s just say – i learned to love whiskey during this time in my life lol. 

youd think that we wouldve moved in with one another because “that’s what you do once youve been dating for threeish years”. Yeah not really, long story short, nicks house started on fire, while we were in it. Yes everyone was safe but all of nicks stuff was destroyed. this meant, he moved back in with his parents, and me, well i was still living with my dad. 

well im not going to into it but i would say living at home didn’t last for long. long story short, we had gotten coffee one morning and made the decision to move together. 

it wasn’t easy but it felt right. which i think thats the biggest thing to feel. nowwwwwww fast forward to 2019 and us planning a day trip to chicago was here.

before you ask, i dont think i really had an idea what was going to happen. all i knew was that we were going to walk near the marina because nick said “he’s never done it before” so me being down for whatever.

i have to say that i thought it was a little weird that he was wearing a button down shirt because thats something he never does unless we are going some where nice or to work. so i follow suit and dressed nice myself. monkey see, monkey do? Lol

annnnnd then we get to chicago and we park in our normal spot, we start to walk to marina. let me tell you it was a lot warmer outside than i thought so this whole walk i was waiting to stop and cool down for a bit. well, we kept walking and walking and during all of this, nick kept walking behind me. now, he HATES when i walk fast but hey, i have long legs so i just naturally walk fast. but at this time, i didnt think anything of it, i just thought to myself “well im going to keep going”. little did i know, he was trying to find a spot to ask me but it was so busy he didnt see anything he liked.

mind you, we are still walking at this point, and still sweating. me being me, of course i didnt plan anything else so im trying to come up with that we should do next because as far as i knew, this walk was the only thing we had planned and the marina was ending. THEN nick suggested that we head to this little grassy area to “take a break”. as we stop, we both stood there and looked out into the water (no, it was as romantic as you think, i was balls deep in sweat and was just happy to stop walking). as we were looking out into the water, nick starts to say “when i lived down here seven years ago, i used to walk this very same path. and when i walked this path, i would think about how i knew i wanted to marry you”. yes – at this point i was like “OMG OMG OMG THIS IS HAPPENING”. nick did say some other stuff and i cant really remember BUT then we got down on one knee, pulled up his pant leg and unrolled the ring box from his sock. that poor our man had to walk all that way with a box in his sock!

of course i said yes, i mean hello…we wouldnt be here if i said no. i know this might sound weird but after i said yes, i turned around because i thought for sure that someone was going to walk by and see but nope, no one. and i love that. i know im all about the pictures and getting the moment right but there is something about knowing that only nick and i were the only two who got to experience that moment.

and yes, we did celebrate with drinks, lunch and then went home to get more drinks, dinner and more drinks lol. we like drinks.

came home to this 🙂

and thats it, seven years later and we are GETTING MARRIED…i love saying that 🙂 but off to wedding planning!

xoxo kelsey

just a little life update

hi, im still here.

i realized i havent written a blog post in over a month, maybe more… i am not fully sure of that. i know, im on your shit list.

yes, i will need to post my monthly food blog and i do want to post my engagement story too ~so cute~ AND the story behind mouth full of milwaukee, if you have no idea what that is, check it out here.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

but enough of that! i bet youre wondering where i have been, what ive been doing and why i havent written in the longest time. well, grab your popcorn because here it is.

**taps mic to see if its on**

about a month ago now, i put on IG that i was going back to school (dont go and check, i took it down). school for coding, web design and development. now now, it wasnt school school, it was a boot-camp that was self paced, 6sixmonths long and all online. i did my research, i looked at what jobs in the field looked like and what they all were ab out, i thought i did it all. i became SO excited to start that i sort of bit the bullet, told myself that i could do this and that i should do something i have never thought i could do.

so i started. annnnnnd everything during the first week seemed to be going okay but i was struggling but duh, i had just started something that i have never done before and knew nothing about. i was sort of understand, asking for help when needed and attended all the meetings that were required. but that voice in my head said to keep going, to keep pushing, and to keep doing something i have never done before. then came week three of the boot-camp. i sat there, did my reading, when i got to my assignment, shit hit the fan.

i realized this wasnt for me. i spent two hours balling my eyes out because i felt like a failure, that i wasted so much time and money (that is a whole other can of worms. i kept thinking that i let myself down. i had these thoughts of: “how lame am i that i couldnt even finish something i said i could?”. ” i feel really stupid because i told the world what i was doing and now i decided that this wasnt for me and i dont want to finish it”. “why would i spend three weeks on something that didnt make me feel fulfilled?”.

then i realized, i liked the idea of what i could be but it truly wasnt who i was. there was time that i sat there and thought: “ugh if i get a job in this field, i dont know if ill like it because theres no planning or coordinating”. “i really dont care what im doing or what im reading” and “you literally cannot stop doing this boot camp because you told yourself you wouldnt quick and i want to better your life”.

it took my about two days to realize that what i thought and what i did was okay. i realized that i shouldnt force myself into something i really dont like or want to do. just because the voice in my head is telling me one thing doesnt mean its meant for me.

i also realized that the voice in my head should be put towards something that i truly WANT, something that keeps me going day after day after day, like this blog, my foodie events, working this brands and the million other things i enjoy.

my point in all of this is, chase a dream that you know you want. i will be honest, when i first signed up for this boot-camp, i thought it was the dream ive been waiting for. i thought it was the answer to all of my “im 25 and i dont know what i want to do with my life” but quickly realized it wasnt my dream and so what? im 25. 25!!!! i have a lot of dreams, you guys do too. i dream of becoming a successful blogger, the best coordinator and planner and whatever else i get my hands into.

like i said, by amping myself up and then backing out made me feel “dumb” and “stupid”. at one point i even said i felt like a failure. but guess what, im not. dont feel like a failure if you tried, if you put your best foot forward and you did what you thought was right. take those negative thoughts and feelings and feed them into finding your passion, finding what it is you dream of doing (yes, you can dream of doing a lot of things). dont let something that YOU didnt like, ruin everything you do.

please please please be honest with yourself + your feelings. its okay to change your mind, its okay to drop everything and start a new dream.

i promise my next post will be sooner than later 😉

xoxo kelsey

my amazing picture taker:



kupofkelsey is one!


so this is really weird to me. i feel like a mom. because now i know what it feels like when your baby turns one.

MY BLOG IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY PEOPLE!!! (yes, i actually thought about throwing myself a party).

i was trying to think about what i would write about. one of thoughts was “365 things i learned about blogging”, like what are you thinking kelsey? do you want you fingers to fall off? can you even think of 365 things? well, yeah im sure i can…ask any of my friends, i can talk about nothing for forever. then it came to me, i wanetd to share what i have learned in the past year. and no, im not going to share 365 things i learned lol.

i can remember the day i started my blog, check out my first post here. ugh if you just clicked on that…i am so sorry.

i came home from work, sat on my porch because IT WAS ACTUALLY WARM OUT and i told myself it start my blog. i literally had no idea what i was doing, or what i was going to talk about or even what type of pictures i was going to take (hence the self timer i used). all i knew was i wanted to name it “kupofkelsey”. so at least i had that going for me. oh! i also knew i didnt want to use a lot of punctuation or capitalization. this is because ive always wanted to be taza, one of my favorite bloggers/people EVER!

and a year later, we are here!

and honestly, i couldnt be more proud of myself.

here are a few things i have learned over this past year:


yeah yeah, i know i sound like nike here but seriously. i will be the first to tell you that i am horrible at making decisions. like im that person who cant even pick where they want to go to dinner. before i started my blog, i talked for like two year on how i should start one. i even asked people if i started a blog, would they read it. like i said before, i came home one afternoon, said “im going to do this” and i did it.


i actually kind of enjoyed writing in school but was always afraid about what others (the teacher really) was going to think of my writing. i look back and think: “WHY DID YOU CARE SO MUCH??” ugh. only if i could tell my younger self that now. since starting this blog, i have really found my voice. yeah it didnt come right away but post after post, it became stronger and stronger. cant you just hear me read this to you? i know you do, dont fool yourself. this blog as taught me to just type the way i would talk, to not sound like a robot or not type in a way that doesnt fit who i am.


well that is kind of a lie…i planned to have this post already done and here i am sitting on the couch with glen typing this bad boy out. but NORMALLY i have my posts all typed up and everything is planned out before the day of me posting it. but the blog isnt the only place i have learned time management. i have learned it in my everyday life too. i have learned when to make time for events, meet ups and everything else us bloggers have to attend to. just kidding, we dont HAVE to, we want too. and let me tell you, if you want to do something bad enough, youll make the time for it!


this one really hits home for me. i feel like i have gone through waves of feeling confident to waves of not having confidence at all. since starting my blog, i feel like it has given me SO SO SOOOO many opportunities. with those opportunities, i had to push myself to be myself, to go out and attend events where i didnt know if i would fit in or not, create content that i really hoped helped/changed someones thinking. i had to “bite the bullet” and like i said before, i just had to do it. and because of that, it had taught me confidence. i look back at who i was a year ago and she is nothing like she is today. today, i have enough confidence to not really care what other people think about what i do, what i say or what i look like. i have enough confidence to go to events alone and just mingle and connect with like minded people. i have enough confidence to fail. sometimes you think something is going to go amazing and it doesnt. i have learned to be okay with that. because when i fail, i do all i can to improve the situation. therefore i am growing as a person.

happy one year to me, to my blog and to everyone who takes the time out of their life to read what i have to say.

cheers to this past year and i cannot wait for this next year!!

xoxo kelsey


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flipping the rental

the mirror that you could barley see into…but now is shining bring like my overbite

just call me joanna gaines now, i mean come on! its only fitting right? well kind of, i didnt knock any walls down, i didnt install an island and i didnt give the space that cute modern farmhouse style she has. and i didnt even do this alone, nick was there too…this wouldnt have been possible without him.

now are you wondering what im talking about? or do you already know and you want to me stop talking and get to the juicy stuff?

for the peeps who dont know, nick and i own a duplex (we live in the bottom unit and the upper is our rental) in bayview, wi. i love bayview, i would suggest moving there so we can hangout 😉 ANYWAYS, the old guy that lived upstairs for the past 20 something years had to move out (we are not going to get into details here) but that meant we had the opportunity to get up there and fix it up.

now before they moved all this stuff out, the space seemed pretty “clean” and “taken care of” but we were wrong. after our old tenant moved out there was outlines of his pictures still on the wall + very dusty and dirty walls, the bathroom mirror looked like it had been to hell and back, the stove had a weird smell to it, the oven door was being held up on by a screw. The light above the sink had wires exposed, the rugs we thought he “left” there were actually nailed into the floor. the carpet was so worn down and pieced together in some spots.

yeah, it was a total mess. on top of all of that stuff, we only had about a week and half to get everything done. now im not complaining because we had the place rented within two days of posting about it but still, that mean a lot of work in a short amount of time.

so where did we start? well, we first started by figuring out what we needed to do to get this place up and running again. we figured we should start with the floors but didnt really know where to so we asked one of our good friends. he suggested lumber liquidators. i literally knew nothing about this place but i knew they had commercials on tv and what was about it. we went there and loved it! i would recommend this places 100%. the staff was very helpful and they had a huge selection of flooring. now, since this is a rental, we didnt go with the best of the best, we went on the cheaper side but literally, you can not even tell that is a cheaper choice of laminate flooring. i would suggest though, asking for a couple of samples, taking the home and try to match them with the trim. i know a lot of homes have white trim and white goes with everything. in our case, our trim is cherry colored so we had to play around with a couple of floor choices to see what would look/match the best.

next, it was paint color. again, this is a rental so we went with white because we knew in the future that would be the easiest color to fix and also cover up. we just went to home depot and used glidden pure white paint. we shouldve just bought the five gallon sized one because i had to make a few trips back to get more paint but ya live and ya learn. we used this color literally everywhere, on the walls and the ceiling and personally, i wouldve used the same paint in my own space if needed.

just look how discolored the walls were.

here is where the party starts! we started by washing all the walls and the ceiling because duh! it was so dirty and gross. so after everything was washed, we taped off all the rooms. i loved it because we didnt have to worry about the floors. plus i can be a messy painter…RIP to my favorite pants. from there we started painting, i took one room and nick took another. we banged out the painting pretty quick.

then the floors went in. first nick tore up all the gross carpet. thank god we had the help of our friend greg because both nick and him were able to finish the dining room, living room and bedroom in one day. no… its not A LOT of space but still, its a lot of up and down, cutting while making sure everything lined up. i could not believe how amazing the space looked after the floors were in and the walls were painted!!

so our house used to be a single family. the L is there the stairs used to be before it was converted into a duplex.
i am still crying over the floors being cover with glue and then carpet.

ugh at this point, i just wanted to move in myself. arissa and i dreamed of making it our office and just working out of there all day BUT you cant have it all 😉

like i said before, the stove was a hot mess lol , okay but seriously! it has a weird smell to it, it was painted, yes painted and the oven door was being held together by a strew, kitchen fashion 2019? the kitchen space is not small but its also not huge. therefore, we chose to go with a small range but with going with an “apartment size” stove that means it came with mansion price tag. who knew little ranges costed so much money! so this did take some time find one that was reasonably priced. we looked everywhere, menards, home depot, lowes, second hand appilances and even sears outlet (yeah i didnt know sears was still a thing but they are!). after a lot of comparing stove after stove, we finally found a new one at sears that had minimal scraches and dents on it. i think if i didnt tell you, you wouldnt know it was from an outlet like that. getting the stove installed was a whole different story. the guys who came, didnt know how to install the store becasue they “couldnt find the gas shut off valve”. long story short, we had to call the WE Energies to come and help us. and of course, were was a shut off valve and it took the WE Energies guys like five mins to install the stove for us. ~eye rolling here~

lastly, it was just the little things that needed to done, like cleaning, scrubbing the paint from the kitchen floors (my fault), changing the kitchen light, changing light bulbs and replacing the smoke detectors.

and just like that! it was done. a little bit of me died walking away and just leaving it. i felt like a parent dropping their child off at school for the first time, okay thats a little dramatic but you get it! i am proud of all the work nick and i put into it in for the time frame we had. i think im crazy and i would do this again? i enjoyed it even though i didnt get to be a full joanna gaines but great things take time, right?



kitchen before
kitchen after
kitchen after

living room:

living room before
living room after (sorry for the yellow lighting)
living room after
living room after

dining room:

dining room before
dining room before
dining room after with wet floors from cleaning!


bedroom before
bedroom before
bedroom after
bedroom after


and this stayed the same, just has a clean mirror now 😉

i hoped you guys enjoyed our week and half journey of flipping our rental. id love to hear of any question you may have or if you need a recommendation for your own place.

and no, i am not coming over to paint 😉

xoxo kelsey

glen 1o1

hey guys, i feel like ive been gone way longer then i should have.

like i said in my last post, life has been non-stop. why you ask…well because we got a PUPPY! …i knew all caps would draw you in. 

yes, us the “we dont want to have responsibilities”, got a dog. now i bet youre thinking: “god…i hope she doesnt give us the every. single. detail. about. how. they. adopted. their. dog . dont worry, i wont give you everyyyyyyy detail. but just enough to write a book or direct a movie about adopting glen.

yes, we named him glen.


for the longest time, nick had been saying he wanted and dog and i knew i wanted one too but i just didnt know when i wanted one. even though i grew up with dogs, i still wasnt 100% sold on getting a dog at this time in my life. i would say i was semi convinced i was ready towards the end of october. we wanted to wait until we got back from new york before getting a pup…yes we were crazy and wanted a puppy. the weeks leading up to nyc, i would check the wisconsin humane society all day, everyday. i would send nick pictures of little pups and freak out because they were all so cute.  i then realized i was ready to get a pup. i cannot explain enough have many dogs i looked at and thought: “ugh if we werent going on vacation, we could have this dog tonight!!”.

now we were back from new york and we were ready. i mean to the point of, having a crate set up, a treat jar filled with puppy milkbones to having a a leash and collar in the car incase we where to adopt one at any given night. and this is were i got SO mad. (really, it wasnt that big of a deal) but once we were home, i swear there wasnt as cute of dogs as there were before we left for nyc. at this point, nick and i were going every night just to see the dogs. i also swear people are crazy!! (good to know im not the only crazy one)  because we would see dogs on the website, go to the humane society and they would be gone. SO FRUSTRATING!

at this point, i had a gut feeling of: “when a dog is right for us, it will all work out.” 

there was a reason why none of those other dogs were available for us. i would kid with nick about how when we find the right dog, it will be the perfect fit for us. but then in the back of my mind, i was thinking…i better be right!!

then on a friday afternoon, i saw two dogs on the humane society website. one was named july and the other was february. i remember thinking that one of them was cuter than the other, i also i remember texting nick about the dogs and saying: “yeah, there is no way these puppies will be available once i get out of work, just like every other dog”. 

little glen

okay, i know i sound like a downer here but it was a little hard for me to be optimistic. i am the type of person who HATES waiting, i hate having my mind set to on something and it doesnt goes as planned.

another truth, nick wanted a girl dog soooo bad and for me, i didnt care. when we saw july and february online, we werent totally convinced we wanted either of them. for a couple of different reasons –  they werent girls, they were “big” meaning 15 pounds at almost four months and i wasnt convinced on their color. 

yes i know, here i am being picky about a dog when i was getting mad about not being able to even see other dogs that were online. but come on!! i had to be picky, this pooch will be in our family for YEARS!

now, fast forward to 4:30 on that friday, i quick checked the humane society website and the two pups were STILL available!! i was SHOCKED! 

i drove my car like i stole it, peeled into the parking lot, started to freak out a little because “holy cow, this could be it”, fast walked into the humane society. not too fast though, didnt wanna look THAT crazy, walked up to the front desk, kind shaky (dramatic i know) and asked to see july and february. 

and then my heart sank.

the lady says: “i think those two dogs are on hold”. annnnnd i start to sweat. this means, you cant take the dogs home for at least a day or more. i then told her that i check right before i came here and they werent on hold. but in her defense, the dogs were on hold that morning.

next, the lady said i was sixth in line and i figured that wouldnt be too bad, well that meant the wait time was at last an hour and a half. 

almost two hours later, our adoption counselor came out and lead us into one of their big common rooms. and there we sat, waiting for her to bring out one of the dogs. 

as we are sitting in the back of this big room, she brings in july. lets just say he was not a fit for us. july was scared, not waiting to come near us and was very timid. we knew we needed to see the other pup…the one i thought was the cuter one from the start. 

we then moved to a smaller room because we figured the big room was a little much for such small puppies. we sat there and waiting which seem like forever. she brought in february and he was SO much different than his brother. february was wanting to lay on us, he was eating treats out of our hands, he was sniffing us. i mean, who doesnt like puppy sniffs? 

the  counselor gave us a little background of february, he came to wisconsin with his brother (july), and his two sister. they were from a shelter in alabama. the counselor told us that a lot of dogs come up from the south because the shelters down south are so full. also milwaukee along with the whole state of wisconsin has a really high adoption rate so we getting all the pooches! 

after about five minutes, we knew he was for us! 

the whole adoption process took awhile, we were probs at the humane society for almost two and half hours. I would recommend filling out the adoption profile online before going in, itll save you a little bit of time! 

i literally could not wait to go home and just be with him! we obvi changed his name to glen. we wanted to go with something classic lol. but hes a total glen… his name fits him perfectly.

the night we brought him home 🙂 

alright, i know youre probs like: “dannnng girl”. but dont worry, if youre itching for more…i plan on doing another post on glen and the weeks that followed him coming home. 

for now,

xoxo kelsey 


worlds best diy hand soap

IMG_7461.jpegugh its dark out. its been dark since like 2:30 this afternoon. i was at desk today thinking “oh ill just go home, write a post on how i did a little diy for the front porch”. well that didnt go over well. i was half was home and realized how dark it actually was. ugh again.

now i didnt just write this for something to write about,  im writing it because i have been waiting to share my diy hand soap for some time now.

i never really “care” about what hand soap i use but i can tell when im using one that isnt natural. what i mean by this is, my hand become sooooo dry from washing them and the smell for the soap really strong. so i took matters into my own hands (lol) and discovered how to make homemade soap. what i like about it is, youre able to create your own scents and it lasts you forever!

here is what is needed:

first off, you want to make sure the soap dispenser you have is for foam soap. because lets me honest, who doesnt like foaming hand soap.


from there, you want to measure 1/2 teaspoon of the optiohen. youre probably wondering why you need something that you literally never heard of before. well, it keeps the soap from going bad. i mean, we dont have to get into detail here but we all know what happens to water if you let it sit out for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. in all seriousness, this helps to keep the soap fresh since youre not going to use the whole bottle within a couple of weeks… i mean if you do great but at my house, i make a new soap every couple of months.


next, add in four tablespoons of dr. bronners


now that both of the those are added, you will notice the mixture become almost like gel. that is totally normal.


now its up to you to pick how you want your soap to smell. i change it up a lot. sometimes i make it light and fruity while other times i make it stronger with more complex scents.


i hate to burst your bubble butttt i do not have a list of what smells the best because i normally just add what i think will smell good. although, keep your drop count under 50 if you can!

this batch was: lavender and patchouli. i did 15 drops of patchouli and 25 of lavender. add the oil to the “gel” mixture in the dispenser and mix together (mix by moving the dispenser from side to side). **disclaimer** – i use oils that make sense for my life & i am not a crazy oil person who knows the ins and outs of different oils. my favorite and most reasonable brand i use of oil is plant therapy. but i do use doterra here and there!


add cool water of the “gel” mix and shake! some of the “gel” might not come off the bottom right aways, thats okay…it will 🙂


lastly, place in your bathroom (or kitchen) and take a picture of it! (like i did at the start of this post).

i hope your hands feel clean after reading this.


xoxo kelsey




(highly recommend the pretzel grilled cheese and a beer from lakefront brewery )

holy shit, but really HOLY SHIT! i know youre thinking: where have you been? why did you start this blog and didnt keep going like you said you would? let me tell you, life over here has been nothing short of uneventful.

over the past month a lot as happened from losing someone that forever will be close to my heart and my families hearts, to me falling off my bike, (…..ugh dont ask) cracking my head open and having a concussion to again HOLY SHIT its almost mid july and i have no idea where i am.

anyway, i just have this feeling of having to express what it is i have learned/felt lately:

  • tomorrow isnt guaranteed
  • ask someone how they are, their feelings matter too
  • youll never know if the last time youll say “i love you” to someone will be the last, so tell them you love them
  • life is as happy as YOU make it, happiness isnt handed to you
  • eat whatever the fuck you want, in moderation obvi…that ice cream isnt going to kill you and i wont tell anyone if you do eat it 😉
  • call your family & friends, even if its just a quick “hi”
  • life is way too short
  • enjoy the simplicity of what you have/what is around you
  • pay it forward
  • if someone needs help, help them
  • wear your helmet, please. cracking your head open SUCKS!

now now, this is only a fraction of what ive learned/having been feeling here (we would be here for days if i wrote them all out). unfortunately, it did take two pretty traumatic events to happen to have me realize some of these things. I want to share these with you because i can only hope i am able to make an impact on your life/thinking.

i promise you i will be posting a lot more, more food and home things!!

xo kelsey


(me rocking a 22.5 mile bike ride yesterday^^)


drum roll please…


thank you, thank you. first off, welcome! second off, i’m kelsey.

i’ve been talking on and off for the longest time about starting a blog and here i am! i figured it was about time to take what i’ve been wanting to do for so long and make it a reality.

okay, nice…you wanted to start a blog but who are you? as before, i’m kelsey, i live in bayview although most can relate it to milwaukee. i live with my boyfriend, nick and we just bought our first house! (super cute, i know ).  i like a lot of things: like cooking, decorating, exploring the city and a good drink.

i hope you enjoy this as much as i hope to!

xo kelsey