becoming more green tips:

happy earth day!

i wish this day wasn’t just once a year because i think it’s important to be aware how we are treating the earth and the area round us daily and not just once a year. but the awareness earth day brings is nothing short of amazing!

i feel like a part of me has always been into the greener side of things, as child we would recycle, reduce our water use and it was a must to turn off lights. i do believe that some of the traits are still with me today. i still recycle, i turn off lights (because nick LOVES keeping lights on) when no one is in the room or just have them off to let the natural light in. but recently, i have made a lot more greener choices and since im doing it, you have to do it too 😉

here are my tips & trick i use in my everyday life to stay green:

  • USE REUSABLE BAGS. now this means a few different things because i use reusable bags at the grocery store and i use those same bags if i need to transport a lot of stuff somewhere. i also use a lunch bag, yes those are still a thing! the kid in me still likes to get fun looking ones, go and get that lunch box that reflects who you are! this is the lunch bag i am using now, and love it! my little tip or any reusable bag is, to spend a little more money on them so they last longer and you aren’t going through bag after bag. one of my favorite places to get reusable bags are trader joes. i love their insulated one for keeping things cold in your car until you get home!
  • USE REUSABLE STRAWS. this is really new to me! i was a hardcore plastic straw user and i realized those aren’t doing good, they are just doing bad. i have recently started using stainless steel straws and love them! they’re easy to clean and they stay clean versus other straws i have used in the past. here is what i use: stainless steel drinking straws
  • RECYCLE PLASTIC BAGS. ugh this drives me nuts! i don’t like plastic bags, i wish they weren’t even a thing. they take can take up to 1000 years to decompose and that scares me! so instead of throwing plastic bags in the garbage, i put all my smaller plastic bags into that big one you always get at the store and wait until it’s full. once full, i take it to my local grocery store (my mke peeps, pick n’ save, most targets and walmart has bins you can drop bag off at) and put it in their plastic bag recycle bin and they do they rest. this makes me feel so much better knowing they are being recycled and not being put into the earth or flying into your car when driving.
  • USE A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE . yes, i am that person who freaks out if they don’t have their water bottle. when it comes to water bottles, i would recommend a stainless steel one because they they can come insulated so your water stays cold forever…yes forever, stainless doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and it tends to be more mold resistant. but overall, it’s important to use reusable water bottle because then you aren’t putting plastic into the earth, you’re saving money and saving the earth one sip at a time. here are some of my favorite bottles: glacier point and bubba trailblazer
  • BUY USED CLOTHES. i love thifting for clothes (and other things)! i love the challenge of “going on the hunt” to find just want i’m looking for. i love the money i save too, because i’m spending only a few dollars on a piece(s) rather than spending a lot more on one or two item. yes, sometimes you walk away without finding anything but then you go another time and you hit the jackpot! i love thrifting/second hand stores because you are giving a piece of clothing another chance plus you are reducing waste and pollution. it’s important to donate your clothes once you’re done with them because then the cycle starts all over again. meaning everyone is saving, reusing and creating less waste on our earth.
(yes, this shirt is from goodwill)

i hope these tips & tricks are helpful! i literally could have went on and on about all the green things i do, these five are on the top of my list!

i truly hope these tips and tricks help you and make you want to make a change for our earth. regardless if you change one thing or five, every little step you take will make a positive impact to the earth.

happy earth day earth huggers!

xoxo kelsey

picturs by the one and only: ARISSA



tips on achieving your goals:


like ive said before, i only made one goal this year. i bet youre thinking: “kelsey, wtf? how do you only make one goal?”. well, yeah. i only made one. but now as i am growing within that one goal, i realized i have been making little goals within the big one.

i want to share how i set goals and what i think, are the best ways to achieve those goals:

  • WRITE DOWN THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE ABOUT YOUR GOALS: this is key. i never did this and i would spend more time over-thinking and wondering how i would achieve a goal. i started to write down the questions i have about my goal and it made me feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. by having those written down, i felt as if my goal was more achievable. the questions and worry were off my mind and i was able to look at each question and try to figure out the solution.
  • GOALS CAN CHANGE: i mean, i had one goal and now i have many goals but theyre little ones that play off the overall goal i have. even if you set five goals for yourself and one of those doesnt seem to really “make sense” anymore, change it so align with what you want to doing this, you arent wasting time thinking about how youre going to achieve something that you have no interest or passion in doing therefore, bring down your stronger goals.
  • MAKE A PLAN: if you dont make a plan, how will you grow? how will you know if you accomplished a goal? how will you know if you need to change a goal/make a modification? you wont know. youll just make excuses. youll make excuses as to why you goal(s) arent being achieved. youll make excuse of “well i dont see anything changing and im doing all i can or all i know how”. but are you doing all you can? are you looking at different ways to surpass your goal? with having a plan, youre able to see what needs improvement and where. i recently just did this, i printed off calendars for the next two months and wrote down what i need to get done when and what im going to focus on every single day.
  • STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: trust me here. i know i know, you always want to be in your comfort zone because helllloooo its comfy! but if i have learned anything from blogging…just in this year alone, its you need to try new things, i talk about this ALL THE TIME. you need to try new things that are going to help you in reaching your goal(s). and i can tell you since i have stepped out of my comfort zone, i can feel achievement, change and reassurance that i can reach my goal! yes, the only one goal i have lol. do what you need to do to reach that goal!!
  • LISTEN TO YOURSELF: make sure when setting your goal(s), youre setting a goal(s) for something that you really want, something you can almost taste! my goal was to focus on my blog and from there i have created the small goals. i really want my blog to be successful and i want to be a place people visit and get excited when a new post comes out. i literally have this vision because i keep telling myself “you want this”, you want to be your own boss”. and if i didnt listen to myself, if i didnt listen to my thoughts or listen as to why i want to do those things, i wouldnt be so hungry to achieve what it is i want to achieve.

i also hope you know, you can set goals whenever. there is not rule that you have to set ALL your goals on january 1st. theres no rules if your goals are easy one or challenging ones. theres no rules when it comes to how long it take to reach your goals. follow the steps above and let those motivate you to reach your goal(s).

xoxo kelsey

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simple and cute porch tips:

its finally spring! well, anything over 40 is considered spring here in wisconsin!

ive been waiting to focus more on decorating because i want to show you guys my ideas & inspire you to create a space that youll love too.

i have a thing for cute porches, come on guys… i know im not alone here. well, last year was the first time ive ever had my own porch so “i played it safe” and only had a few chairs, a table and lantern. i did have flowers, but i dont want to bore you with the non-ending stories of the squirrels. they arent cute, theyre evil. my flowers were their playground! and yes, i tried it all. i even tried sprinkling cayenne ALL over and nope, they enjoyed it. *ive been eye rolling this whole time*.

now my porch is not very big. so i found it be to semi of a challenge. like how many are too many pillows? do they make outside rugs small enough to fit the space? Will those stupid squirrels ruin these super cool candle lanterns i bought?

i was concerned about spending “too much” on making my small porch look pretty but i was that person, and watched for target to come out with a sale on outdoor stuff. well last week, the stars were aligned and it happened! I was able to get a rug, two pillows, two lanterns and a vase for $119. NOW that is still a lot for me but i was okay with spending that much because we do spend a lot of time out there in spring and summer, so its fiiiiiiine.

i also kind of went the lazy route and only went to target for my patio needs but im not even mad about it because target is my second home . i guess the reason why i didnt check out other stores is because i told myself to make my patio different than the rest of my house, different than any other design I’ve done before, so i did just that, at target. all at target.


i have put together a few of my tips for getting that porch feel youve always wanted:

  • dont be afraid to try something different, i did and LOVE it.
  • wait for a sale, it doesnt make sense to pay full price for something because they are going to put it on sale. its just up to you to watch out for the sale.
  • dont work yourself up if you cant afford EVERYTHING you want, the porch isnt leaving! save your money, thrift, try a different store until you get what youve been looking for.
  • dont let the size of your porch freak you out, like i said – mine is small and i made it work. take the size as a challenge rather than a let down.
  • plant flowers/plans you normally wouldnt. i love doing this. i love being creative and paring different flowers with one another in the same pot.
  • invite your friends over and show them! i love having people over so this is a must for me! okay, this wont make you have the porch youve always wanted but who doesnt like friends? food? or drinks?

okay, i am off to sit on my porch and dream of a squirrel free spring & summer!



photos by the AMAZING arissa:



blog + life goals

photo credit : arissa

hey peeps, its me…remember?

yeah i know, i do this all the time to you. i say how long ive been gone and then promise to come back sooner than later than i never do.

i get it, im not your favorite blogger anymore, well i know thats a lie because once you are hooked on my blog, you never can leave it 🙂 (its a proven fact).

as i explained in my instagram post a few weeks ago, i havent felt creative and that is something that is SO unlike me (another proven fact). i dont know what is it. i dont get how i can be creative one week but then not another? im sure theres a million articles about this but lets keep it simple and just say we dont know, deal? with that being said, i have put off writing blog posts, put off cooking and even put off trying to think of creative ideas to come up with. UGH what a draaaaaag.

so where am i going with this? i feel like i become so uncreative because im so worried/focused on what path i should be on in my life. this isnt my first time writing about this either, i wrote about it pretty much this same thing back in october and i guess i still have no idea what im doing **insert nervous laugh here**. the reason why i am bringing it up again is because i find myself getting so wrapped up in what i should do with my life rather than not focusing on the good im doing now or how far i have come.

photo credit: arissa

i have a lot of dreams but one of them is to have this blog becoming bigger than i could ever imagine. i would be on cloud 9 if i could make this blog more than just a hobby but make it my job, while still having fun with it, of course. i dream of interacting with more people, i would love to inspire others more too. i would love to give trips & tricks to other people who are in the same boat as me. bbbbbbbbut then this stupid little world IS ALWAYS popping into my head – how?

how do i do that?

how do i get where i want to go?

how do i figure this out without paying hundreds of dollars from a program?

how do i get people to think im interesting? ( trick question, i know you all think im the most interesting person ever).

how do i not loose my voice in a crowd of people?

how do i create content that is different than the rest?

how do i know loose hope, creativity or myself in the mix of other people.

i wish i had the answer to all of that, but i dont…i know, im sorry! i wish someone could hold my hand and tell me how things should be done but then that wouldnt be any fun lol.

i know success doesnt come over night, i understand that. but wanting something so bad and it not happening RIGHT AWAY is a harsh reality. yes i know, everything takes time and you have to work hard for what you want.

my advice is, to never give up regardless of the goal.

photo credit: arissa

ive only started my blog less than a year ago and i personally feel like ive grown so much. others might not see it which im totally okay with. some of my favorite bloggers said they started off their blogs just for fun and with time, its gotten them to the place they are now. that is something that has always stuck in my head. just because you start off slow or are doing something because it brings you joy doesnt mean it cannot become something so much more.

dont let others make you loose sight of your goals, dont let yourself loose sight either.

photo credit: arissa

goals are are fully in your control and dont forget that. dont worry so much about achieving your goal(s) over night because that probs wont happen but focus more on achieving your goal(s) in a way you know you can & that will make you proud. goals come in all shapes and sizes and if you want to achieve them, i say do it! i say do all you can to make your dreams come true. google anything that you need or want to know about your goal, listen to podcasts, read that book or reach out to someone and ask for advice.

goals are what you make them and if youre anything like me, youll do anything to achieve them!

xoxo kelsey

photo credit: arissa

oh sh!t, its sunday! 5 tips for a planned week ahead

happy sunday everyone!

yes, i know…its been awhile since ive done an oh sh!t butttttttt we are here and its happening.

i know you know this feeling: you wake up sunday and youre like: “okay, yeah, its still early, its still the weekend, i got this.” then the day goes on and youre like: “oh, sh!t, its sunday that means tomorrow is monday and now im freaking out a bit because i have nothing ready and i just love the weekend and im not ready for the week”.

that literally is almost always me, every sunday. but i have learned a few ways to help relieve the sheer panic of those sunday feelings. here is a list of things i do every sunday to help me not freak out as much on sundays and to make my week go by like no ones business!

plan your lunches for the week:

  • i hear it alllll the time at work: “how do you eat the same thing every single day for lunch?”. well, its easy…i make sure i plan out what it is im going to make. its not like im not going to make something gross.(its happened before and i did freak out because i had to come up with quick lunches for the week) BUT i plan out what im making and make sure its something thatll be good and something i am willing to eat for the whole week. i also make sure i have enough heathy snack ready for the week too like hard boiled eggs, apples and carrots with celery.
this week is chicken, sweet potatoes, mozzarella cheese with buffalo and ranch.

plan your dinners for the week:

  • yes, i am that crazy and plan out my dinners for and please do not tell me you dont have time. if you have enough time to come up with excuses as to why you cant do this, then you have enough time to plan out your meals. i will admit though, life does happen & i dont always make everything i plan on making and thats okay! but planning out your dinners shouldnt be hard! my secret is, going on pinterest, saving dinners that im making for the week on this pinterest board. from there i add what i need to my shopping list and BOOM! all planned out the week. this leaves no room for panic when it comes to what youre going to make for dinner. by doing this, you will have more time during the week to do things you want to do rather than worrying about what is for dinner and having all the ingredients.

clean up your space:

  • i spent almost two hours cleaning up my house today. so yes, i actually do this stuff! i always tend to “slack” on cleaning up during the week so i normally use sundays for that. i know, the last thing you want to do on the weekend is clean. but cleaning now, will help relieve your stress during the week. you wont be sitting there thinking: “i really should clean this but i dont want to” and then worry about it for the rest of the week. if your put your stuff away and clean up on sunday then that leaves the rest of the week open to opportunity to do other things rather than cleaning or putting away all your clean laundry. so go and put away those four pairs of shoes laying in your kitchen, fold all those pants and shirts you have laying on the floor, do those dishes and clean out your pantry that youve been talking about for weeks now! (let me know if you find anything good lol).

check your calendar & update:

  • i am slowly making the switch from a planner to using google calendar. ive always been a visual person and ive always enjoyed psychically writing down what i have going on, making it look pretty and going back and looking at what i accomplished. yes i still make “do to lists” but i have now more than every used google calendar. i like it because one, i can write down EVERYTHING i need to know about the event or place im headed to, i dont have to flip through my planner or quickly google something. another thing i like is that you dont have to lug around a planner also youre able to check right away if you have something going on and not double plan anything!


  • yes, you should reflect on sundays. i mean you should reflect all the time but i alway use sundays as a day to set the mood for the week ahead, i think about my goals for the week, what can i do next week that i didnt do last or how can i improve a situation that happened last week. i am sloooooowly learning that sundays arent THAT bad, its more about your mindset that anything. if you tell yourself that its going to be shitty and your week is going to suck then guess what, its going to suck! but if you use your sunday as a positive, you can gain motivation for the week ahead. use my little tips to help you be ready for the week so it “doesnt suck”. again, use reflection as a good thing here, use it for YOU. have a positive mindset and know youre able to do ANYTHING you put your mind to.

hope these tips can help, even if its just a little bit 🙂

and there we have it! five ways to make your sunday & your week go well! BTW – you do have to follow all my tips because i said so! just kidding :). if anything, try one. try the one that you normally would never do and see how much it can change your mindset and/or lifestyle for your sunday and your week.

have a good week!

xoxo kelsey

6 tips on adult friendships

hi friends,

you never think something that happens to you when youre a kid, will happen to you again as an adult, right?

when i was little, i switched school districts going into first grade. so that meant a new house, new school and new friends. i can remember making my first friend that was just down the road from me. this was the first time in my life that i was able to just walk over to a friends, was able to have sleep overs and was able to have fun without any worry. i finally found something who loved to play as much as me. but that did not last very long. i still can remember it to this day, when meghan told me her and her family were moving. not just moving across town but across the US. i was so sad, so upset because my first real friend was moving… i remember thinking: “who am i going to play with now?”. even though i was only 6, i still can remember how i felt when she said she was moving. growing up i would walk past her house and remember all the good times. there is something about friendship that always stays with you.

and to top it off, she even sent me a few pictures of us growing up!

me on the left and meghan to my right
…” clearly shows the year LOL. like decorating the cake like that” -meghan

well, almost the same thing happen to me about a week ago. here i am 25 and it never crossed my mind that i would have one of my best friends move away, again! this time around though, its a little harder to deal with. its like i have feelings or something lol. but my friend lizzie, moved last week and i thought: “oh ill be okay, we will still talk and we can always visit each other”. well, yeah but i freakin’ miss her! and its weird to no longer have that friend that will go to barre with you, who will grab a drink with you no matter what day of the week it is or just come over for dinner and hangout. okay okay, its not like i cant do that with my other friends but you all know you have that one friend who does the little things with you.

yeah i get it, its only been a week since she moved away but remember…this isnt my first rodeo. ive been here a couple of times! within that week, i have learned a thing or two about friendship.

  • tell your friends you love them. trust me, its not weird. i always tell my friends that i love them. i do it when theyre leaving orrrr just tell them randomly during a conversation. just dont be afraid to tell them you love them, okay?
  • make your friends do things with you. and no just “go shopping” or “get coffee”. make them go to a new workout class, make them go to every vintage store in your city (milwaukee has so many!), make them go to breakfast and then the farmers market. i love when my friends ask me to do new or different things. therefore, you should do the same with your friends! take each other out of your comfort zones. i have never looked back and said: “yikes! that was horrible”. well okay, there was one time lizzie and i took a workout class and we just laughed the whole time because it was ridiculous…to say the least.
  • make your friends dinner, yes they can make it for you too. but if you know anything about me, you know that i love cooking and i MAKE my friends come over to eat. there is nothing more relaxing that having a friend(s) over, having a drink or two while enjoying dinner together and of course, talking.
  • ask them how they are doing. ask them how their day is and ask them about how life is going. this doesnt have to be complex, this also can just be a quick convo but make sure to make the time to check on your friends. i know this is something i need to do more of, but text or call your friend(s) and ask how he/she is doing. something as simple as that can brighten someones day, create joy and a sense of real friendship.
  • dont take advantage of your friends. be open with them, tell them the truth and in turn…they should give you the same. both you and your friends shouldnt get upset with one another just because the other one is busy. but that also means you shouldnt only see your friends when “you have the time”. let me tell you, YOU DO HAVE THE TIME. we all have the time.
  • dont be afraid to be yourself. that is the one thing i love about being an adult. your friends love and accept you for who you are. this isnt middle school anymore, where you have to pretend to like this or have to wear that to fit in. its not like that anymore and thank god! that is something i dont have time for lol. i think being myself and having my friends accept it, is one of the more rewarding things. and its even more rewarding when you friends that are just as weird/ understanding as you 🙂

now go tell your friends that you love them, no matter how far away they are. dont be afriad to reconnect with your friend from first grade that moved away! yes, meghan and i talk reconnect a few years back and now talk at least once a week 🙂

since we are friends, love you guys!

xoxo kelsey

oh sh!t, its sunday: stop comparing yourself to others

hey guys,

didnt this past week feel just, off? i dont know if that was just me orrrrrr not. well, sunday means tomorrow is a new week and things can only get better 🙂 and yes they can, dont say they cant!

well, its sunday and you already know what that means…oh sh!t, its sunday! ive had these on going thoughts about blogging for the longest time but recently, these thoughts have been coming up a lot more.

im always having to remind myself: you dont have to be perfect, you shouldnt be comparing yourself to others, you should focus on what makes sense to YOU. why am i thinking this? its because i get lost once and while when i scroll through social media (yes, instragram…how did you know?).

i will come across profiles and think to myself: “dang! i wish i had x number of followers, i wish i was sponsored by this brand, i wish i could build up my blog enough to become a full time blogger and i wish i could make my content as good as theirs”. this runs through my mind all the time. i find myself becoming jealous because i dont have my nails done all the time, i dont wear a lot of make up, i dont have the newest and nicest clothes and i dont travel around the world once a month. why am i even worried about this? why should i compare myself to others? why should i worry about how many likes or followers i have? well, the answer is simple, i care. i care because i want people to like my ideas, my thoughts and what i do from day to day. i want people to feel what im feeling, i want to be relatable, i want people to not feel alone in this world. so when i see others on social media rocking it, i wonder to myself : “how can i get people to care about what im saying? how can i build up a following? when are people going to stop unfollowing me after following for only a few days?”.

and this is where i have to let all of that go and realize, you will only work as hard as you allow yourself to. okay yeah, so what? i made a promise to myself that i would focus on blog as much as i could in 2019, i will have to say, i think its going pretty well. i made it a goal to create content that is every day and real life, that is relatable along with being simple. i promised i would work as hard as i had to, to make a name for myself and its harder than you think! but like i said, if you want something, you will work hard to make it happen. when i start to have those jealous thoughts, i take a deep breath and see that as motivation. i see it as, if they can do that, I CAN DO IT. it goes back to the classic saying of: “rome wasnt build in a day”. well, my blog and my content wasnt built in a day, it will only get better with time. i can only keep building it up and keep working at it until im proud.

i am more than sure if youre a blogger, like me (yes…dont think im not a blogger or an influencer, i know my blogger besties would back me up here!) or someone who just enjoys reading what influencers have to say, you know there is a part of you what wishes and gets jealous because we wish we had what that person has. if i have learned anything from blogging, meeting bloggers or following bloggers on social media, we should praise one another for where we are and what we are doing. we should support one another regardless if you have 50 followers or 50,000 followers. we should turn our jealousy into something positive. use that jealousy and learn from it. learn how to create content that is more engaging, learn how to interact with different people and simply just take notes and learn from one anothers achievements.

i would be lying if i said i didnt learn a thing or two from the other women i follow. i need to realize that i have a TOTALLY different life than a lot of people that i follow but that shouldnt stop me from creating content that i think is relatable. that shouldnt stop me from wanting to learn more, wanting to know how to improve my thinking, my thought and ideas. ive turned my jealousy into: “what can i work on to make MYSELF better? what can i do to encourage growth in others? what can i do to be relatable and to have people follow me because they can relate to me?”.

i am learning to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones and in-turn, encourage others. i am learning to not let other influencers “get to me” and make me think what im doing isnt good enough…because what im doing is good enough (and can only improve), i take what i can from those influencers and grow from it.

we are all in this together. regardless of who you are. learn from others, encourage others, tell others when theyre doing good. STOP comparing yourself to others, use that as a tool to improve your thinking rather than control your thoughts. stand for what you believe in and dont let someone you never physically met shut you down. all you can is work hard for what you want. what you want shouldnt come easy. set a goal or seven and work your ass off to achieve it.

lets rock out our goals together! you got it!!! but really, you do. i KNOW you do 🙂



oh sh!t, its sunday. invite a friend over.

welcome to another, oh sh!t, its sunday!

i realized that last week, i wanted to write a post but it just didnt happened so here i am this week 🙂

i think its important to hang out with your friends, to make time for them. with that being said, i think it shouldnt just be on the weekends. we shouldnt save all the “fun” for the friday night to sunday night. i have learned that having friends over, going out with friends or going to a friends house helps for a better week.

i know some of you are thinking: “how do you have time to work, work out AND hang out with your friends? i barley have time to cook dinner”. i will let you know right now…you. do. have. time.

its up to you how much time you have.

trust me, i always feel like im in a rush, i feel like i never have enough time but recently, i have told myself that i DO have time and i NEED to make the time for others. in turn, i am making time for myself here because i am able to relax with friends and enjoy life in the moment.

so if you need a reminder, here it is: make the time for friends, dont wait for the weekend. slow down, relax for a night and host a friend, have them host you or go out. MAKE THE TIME FOR BOTH OF YOU.

this really wasnt something i did until i was out of college. i blame my friend lizzie. i love her to death and shes one of the main people who has brought me out of that shell of “not having enough time” or “ughhhh i will just hang out with them on the weekend”. her and i have pretty much do a lot of our hanging out during the week and its something i always look forward to doing. thanks girl!!

one of my favorite things to do with friends is invite them over and cook them dinner. yes. this is your invite to come to my house for dinner. i loooooovvvveeee cooking. not that you didnt know that already….

two weeks ago now, my blog bestie arissa came over and yes, i cooked her dinner! i loved it because like i said, it broke up my week, we had girl talk, we shared drinks together, we shared dinner but most importantly took a break from our busy lives and just relaxed. aaaaaand you cant go wrong when your friend brings four different slices of pie for dessert. the pies were from honeypie! theyre for sure a 10/10.

since its sunday, i challenge you to connect with a friend, even if its just a simple text or call, make plans , cook them dinner, have them cook you dinner. use your friends as a positive in your week, in your life. regardless of how busy you think you are, you should always make time for others. friends are an important part of life. friends should lift you up when youre feeling down, they should make you laugh and make you forget about all your worries.

dont let this sunday bring down your week or your friends week, meaning reach out to a friend or two or five. make plans. meet for a drink, for dinner. go get coffee, go to local shops and go shopping. call them to say hi. text them funny pictures of the two of you. DO SOMETHING! make time for your friends, i promise, you wont regret it 🙂

xoxo kelsey

blogger power

hello all you beautiful people!

like ive said like four million times, the only goal i made this year was to focus on my blog. and i think i have been pretty good at it. i mean, we are only what? three weeks in now? STAYING STRONG! i also redid our spare room and turned it into an office and i thought to myself: “this is where i will go to write, to get away for a little bit so i can focus”. nope. here i am, in the kitchen, listening to the milwaukee bucks game and waiting for dinner to finish. sooooome things are still in the works 😉 overall, id say my goal is going pretty good 😉

i think one of my favorite things about working at this goal is meeting new people. i love seeing other peoples work, i love seeing the different styles, the different topics and the way others set up their pictures.

i really like discovering women who are doing the same thing as me. i find comfort in knowing im not alone in this. its refreshing to see that youre not the only one who is working towards a goal, youre not alone when it comes to trying to better yourself and by putting yourself out there for others to read.

with that being said, the women i come across are nothing but nice, encouraging and inspiring.

and that has taught me a lot and no, i didnt just realize all this in past couple of weeks of blogging but its taught me we should stand together.

as women, as bloggers, as creators.

we shouldnt sit here and bash one another, we shouldnt sit here and compare ourselves to other people becasue we are all are our own person. why should you compare yourself to someone when you the only person in the world that is like you. trust me, its taken me a looooong time to not compare myself to the other women i was following or reading about.

youre doing the best you can, you should hold yourself up to your own standard. set your standard high.

we should support each other, not follow a person because “i hate them so much and i cannot unfollow them”, or “i hope this person fails because their content sucks” or better yet: “i only follow a person to see how shitty their life is”. we should encourage growth, we should show others how much we enjoy their content and what theyre doing, we should ask for advise and give advise that way each person is able to flourish and shine.

regardless if youre a blogger or not, make a point to be kind, nice and supportive. tell people that you like what theyre rocking, tell people you like them as a person and tell people that they can do anything they put their mind to.

well, thats all i got for now.

you all rock my socks – encouraging, right? 🙂

xoxo kelsey

oh sh!t, its sunday!

happy sunday!

i told myself that one of my goals for 2019 was to put more time/effort into my blog. and lets be honest, that was the only goal i made lol. with it being my only goal, i have been thinking about what i can do to make my blog better, to make it mean more to the people who read it.

so here we are!

i like sharing my insight on how i feel about things, i like to share my experiences in life with others. tell them what they can do to fix a situation or give them tips on the over all topic.

which means………………….

i came up with “oh sh!t, its sunday!” because unless youre a beyonce, i know you have that “oh shit” feeling on sundays. so what i wanted to start is: blog posts on sundays to help relieve some of those “sunday blues”. what i plan on doing is, taking something from the week and write about it. MIND BLOWING, i know.

so here we go, as always enjoy!

i think we can all agree, this wisconsin winter isnt like most. well, here in milwaukee, it hasnt been “normal”. why do i say that? because yesterday it was 55! so what did nick and i do? took glen on a four mile walk on the lake front. if youre in the milwaukee area, i suggest walking south shore park! its sooooo pretty and it makes you feel like youre upnorth. well, almost.

now youre thinking, cool you took a four mile walk with you dog, so what?

during my walk, i realized i had forgotten what the outdoors does for the body. throughout the whole walk, i kept having flash backs to summer. i love summers in milwaukee because there is SO much to do, outside. but once winter hits, there is little to nothing to do outside here.

i think its important to get outside as much as we can during any time of the year. let me tell you, its been 24 hours since my walk and i still feel refreshed. i feel less fuzzy, less itching to do something even though it seems like i can never fill the void but yesterday did the trick.

i normally wouldnt have gone out for a long ass walk in the middle of january, i normally wouldnt have even wanted to leave the house and i normally wouldnt have been so inspired over a single walk but i was. it was because of the fact i did something new, something i havent really done before. (yes ive taken long walks before but never like the one i took yesterday) because of those feelings, it drove me to keep walking, drove me to feel creative and drove me to take about 100,000 pictures. it drove me to want to share what i was feeling yesterday.

regardless of where or when, i challenge you to push yourself, do things to clear your mind and to bring energy back into your life. this can be something as simple as just going outside and going around the block to something youve been wanting to do for the longest time. like trying barre or trying that recipe youve been wanted to make. dont think to hard here people! i mean come on, i look a long walk in january and i feel like a new person!! dont get all twisted up in the: “new year, new me”. yes, it is a new year but youre are still you. you are still you who is always improving, growing and changing who you are daily. its important to push your limits, to do little things to improve your mood, your life and your wellbeing.

if you are slow to work up the courage to try something or are holding back on doing things that makes you happy or feeling refreshed, this is your wake up call! get out there and do something for YOU! go for that long walk and clear your mind. go make my chicken nuggets or my enchilada chili that youve been “meaning to get to”. call your friend and have dinner with them. or better, creep on your blog friend…see what antique stores shes at in milwaukee, run into her and agree on cooking dinner together soon and both blog about it 🙂

***sunday remember: do something for YOU this week. something thats new or different so youre able to feel refreshed and motivated!

happy sunday night and have a good week!