becoming more green tips:

happy earth day! i wish this day wasn’t just once a year because i think it’s important to be aware how we are treating the earth and the area round us daily and not just once a year. but the awareness earth day brings is nothing short of amazing! i feel like a part of […]

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tips on achieving your goals:

HEYYYYY, like ive said before, i only made one goal this year. i bet youre thinking: “kelsey, wtf? how do you only make one goal?”. well, yeah. i only made one. but now as i am growing within that one goal, i realized i have been making little goals within the big one. i want […]

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simple and cute porch tips:

its finally spring! well, anything over 40 is considered spring here in wisconsin! ive been waiting to focus more on decorating because i want to show you guys my ideas & inspire you to create a space that youll love too. i have a thing for cute porches, come on guys… i know im not […]

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blog + life goals

hey peeps, its me…remember? yeah i know, i do this all the time to you. i say how long ive been gone and then promise to come back sooner than later than i never do. i get it, im not your favorite blogger anymore, well i know thats a lie because once you are hooked […]

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6 tips on adult friendships

hi friends, you never think something that happens to you when youre a kid, will happen to you again as an adult, right? when i was little, i switched school districts going into first grade. so that meant a new house, new school and new friends. i can remember making my first friend that was […]

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