interview with social sparkling wine

photo by: arissa

i recently was given the privilege to work with the amazing brand : social sparkling wine!

here is my interview with them, you can also check it out on their website!

xoxo enjoy babes!


We have a guest blogger in our midst! Kelsey Traindl is the mastermind behind lifestyle blog @kupofkelsey! She is native to Milwaukee and loves cooking but loves her dog Glen even more! We sat down with Kelsey to learn a bit more about her and her passion for blogging!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up and think about all that I’m grateful for, I wake up my puppy because you know puppy life is hard! Then down a smoothie on my way to work. At work, I think of all the possible ways to create my next move, I think about what I can create next that people will love. On my way home, I either listen to music or a motivating podcast. Once home, I play with my pup, workout, make dinner (one of my favorite parts of the day) and then relax and get myself ready for the next day!

How do you maintain balance in your life?

I make sure that I am always trying something new. By new I mean, a new workout class, a new restaurant, a new recipe or meeting up with a new friend. I think it’s important to change up life as much as you can because for me, it keeps me motivated and inspired.

What are your passions and what inspires you to pursue them?

My passions are blogging, cooking and working out. I love blogging. I never knew it would be something that I would fall in love with. I never liked writing when I was in school so I surprise myself daily when I turn to my blog and start to write. I love knowing that I can impact lives of others through my words and perspective. When it comes to cooking, I love the mystery of what you’re making. Will it be good? Did I add enough of this or that? I also love that it can be really up to you as to how you want the recipe to go. I love seeing the reaction on peoples faces when they try your food for the first time. Working out is something I do for enjoyment and self strength. I work out to feel good but I love to see what my body is capable of doing.

What is your favorite health trend?

Ballet Barre. I love ballet barre, I’ve been taking it once a week for a little over a year now. At first, I will admit that I was scared to start because it was something I had never tried before. After the first class, I was hooked! I guess I am really hooked because I’ve been pretty consistent for so long now. I love how the class challenges my body and mind and pushes to me to go that extra mile!

How do you stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?

By trying new workouts, new recipes and surrounding myself with positive, like-minded people.

Who is the most inspiring person you follow on Instagram and why?

@emmasedition, she is amazing. She inspires me because she helps me grow as a person but also an influencer. She gives real advice and tips on how grow your brand along with yourself. When I look at her content, she makes me feel like I can do it too, that I can make my Instagram or blog the way I envision it being. Another thing I love about her is: she does take the time out of her day to talk to you and give you suggestions on what it is you’re asking.  

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As a full-time blogger and a stay at home dog mom! But in all seriousness, I want establish my brand and want others to hear my voice and be inspired.

What are some lessons or mottos you have for other women following a similar life/career path as you?

Don’t compare yourself to others. I know, I know this is easier said than done! But listen to me, there is a reason you are who you are. There is a reason why you are doing what you are doing and that’s because you know YOU have a voice and YOU have a purpose. You have to start somewhere and you will not grow overnight, you will grow within time…I promise you that.

What is your favorite flavor of SOCIAL?

I love Strawberry Rose, it’s such a crisp and clean flavor.

What is your favorite thing about SOCIAL?

Knowing that SOCIAL Sparkling Wine is organic means a lot to me. I try and eat as organic as I can and now I know that I can enjoy a drink that is organic too. And it even contains alcohol which mean you’re able to have fun and enjoy the world around you while still living clean!

eat some supernola!

let me tell you some truth, i dont always look like i do in all my blog posts or on my instagram. its kind of rare that i put on a nice, thought out outfit and do my hair. 95% of the time, youll find me in workout clothes with a messy bun. over the years, i have learned to not get upset over not looking put together, i rather worry about how im taking care of my body than worry about my hair looking perfect.

so if you find me with messy hair & workout clothes on, then you can safely assume i just finished working out. and if i just finished working out then that means im hungry.

but im always hungry soooooo working out would just make me that much more hungry? yeah, sounds about right.

both working out and eating healthy are important to me. i think its only right to treat your body with respect which means fueling it with a good work out and healthy, meaningful food.

and if you know me, i love local food. i love food that is made from the good stuff! i try my best to eat organically but that doesnt always work out which is okay, but when i find food that is organic, healthy & local, i become hooked!!

i have recently partnered with supernola. okay kelsey, what is that? well its the best chewy clusters of thoughtfully selected superfoods, nuts seeds and spices that i have ever tasted! andddddd im not just saying that. the taste is so fresh and they full of texture, its not like eating one of those super crunchy granola bars who claim to be health.

supernola is perfect for a mid-morning snack or after you get done doing a hour long HITT at shred415! or any workout for that matter. supernola is everything im a looking for in a snack. all their clusters are organic along with dairy, grain, gluten, soy and refined sugar free. they are also non-GMO and paleo. i love that i am able to just grab and go with these, i dont have to worry about “packing a snack” or “ill just wait until i get home to eat”. supernola makes snacking on the go so much easier. the clusters are packed with so many different flavors that come from superfoods, tree nuts, seeds and spices. its refreshing to have snacks that are healthy and not full of fillers. and another plus is, theyre made here in wisconsin!

and dont ask what my favorite flavor is, i like them all. (no, im not just saying that!!). but if i was on a stranded on an island and could only pick one supernola, i would pick: triple berry vanillla 😉

since everyone wants to eat what im eating, you can find supernola at many local stores such as festival foods, outpost and sendiks. check here to see the store locator to get your hands on these yummy and healthy clusters.

well, off i go to eat more supernola because i cant stop!

xoxo kelsey