mke food : april

its not called the big boy for nothing!

alright guys, you asked and now you shall receive, on my IG i asked if youd rather see my monthly eats more than just once a month.

(im not makingthis stuff up!)

and lets be honest, your girl loves to eat!

so, for now…intend of once a month of food blog post like i was doing for january, february and march, i will be here posting once a week. i am kind of scared..why? because what if i only eat at once place during the week? what if i eat somewhere i have already been? no worries! i also plan on including local food finds that i try too.

soooooo *clears throat* heres where i ate for the month of april:

dom & phil demarinis original recipes:

literally dont think i couldve eaten this any quicker. it was such a “classic milwaukee pizza”. now i say that because when i say”classic milwaukee pizza”, i think of this style. what is the style? its crust that isnt too crispy, isnt too mushy, yet there is just enough cheese where youre not chocking on it and its cut into little squares and not triangles. oh! and the sauce is a little sweeter but seasoned just right. and from there you just pick the toppings that you want. i got peperoini on my half and trust me, i would do it over and over again. so yeah, thats a classic milwaukee pizza! lets not forget the CHEESE bread. omg, that is a meal in itself. it was so good that i was “mad” that it only came with four pieces.

good city brewing:

yes, i did get a beer, i got the pils…yes i like lighter beers and if we are being real honest, i really am not a beer person. WHAT!! YOURE FROM MKE AND YOU ARENT A BEER FAN? yeah, thats me. but a beer wasnt the only thing i got. i got their brew burger and it was just okay. i have heard really good things about their food in general but it just wasnt as good as i wanted it to be. i also wish i wouldve gotten fries as my side and not chips. i also wish chips didnt mean chips from a bag…i wish they meant house made chips. you know the ones that are so good and you cant stop eating? yeah those! i will say though, i would like to go back and try more of their food!

aj bombers:

okay. now THIS was the burger i have been dreaming of! when we went, the burger i was dying to have was said to only be there for a week so i knew i had to get there and try it! well, i got wind AFTER i got done eating that the burger will be there all summer. this life changing burger is called the big boy. its a play on the old school big boy burger and hollllllly cow (lol literally). this was probs one of the best burgers i have ever had and let me tell you, ive had a lot of burgers. i mean, theres nothing wrong with two patties, three buns, cheese, lettuce and their secret sauce. and theres really nothing wrong with getting a side of tots with it too. lets just say, i mightve had this burger twice this month.

boo boos sandwich shop:

you dont know how many times ive driven past this place or walked past it and said “yeah, im going to go there soon”. well, too many to remember. finally, one saturday, nick and i needed, lol okay more like wanted lunch so he suggested boo boos and . so. good. their set up inside is kinda wacky which is awesome, they totally have their own style. but when it came to their food, that style was even better. i got their ham and cheese and i thought it was going to be just like it said, a ham and cheese and boy was i wrong! my sandwich was to die for, the ham was real chunks, the cheese was melted just right and the onions and mustard were just right. ugh my mouth is literally watering just talking about it. if you know anything about me, i am sucker for tomato soup. and their fire roasted red pepper bisque was not what i thought it was going to be but in a good way! they topped theirs off with white rice, cream and green onion. i was not expecting that but ended up being SO good.


now i have been here many times. i even went through a phase were i didnt like it ( i couldnt tell you why) but now i love it. i love it even more because its literally a block from my house… now you know where i live 😉 jk! and surprise, surprise… i got tomato soup annnnnd grilled cheese with fries. i ate all of it too, i had more regrets on it. BUT i know youre thinking “who gets a grilled cheese when they go out? you can make that at home…” okay yeah, i get that! but honeypies grilled cheese is pretty good. i didnt feel gross eating it and obvi it was good because i ate the whole thing. soup was a little plain, i wish it was a little more creamy.

boone and crockett:

we stopped here for a happy hour on a random friday and loved it. we have been here before but im never disappointed when i come to boone. and yes, i did get a brandy old fashioned sour, well okay…i got two but that was my drink my choice for both rounds. i think they do a pretty good job when it comes to old fashioneds.

cafe centraal:

now, i never go to brunch but i did this past weekend for gals that brunch! all my local mke ladies, if you want to branch out and meet new women who are like minded and who are inspiring, you have to go to this brunch. its once a month, you follow their IG page, watch for when tickets go on sale, buy the tickets and BOOM youre in it for brunch. its such a fun time and i have met some amazing women. BUT back to food… i got their dragon fruit parfait. the waiter did warn me that its not very sweet and that was totally fine by me! i am not a sweets person so i figured this was right up my alley. i do have to say though, i really lacked flavor. i mean, there shouldnt have to be sweetness to have flavor but i think next time, i will try something a little more flavorful.

and there we have it, i will see you next week, since ya know…im doing this thannnnng once a week now 😉

as always, i hope you enjoyed and youre leaving hungry!

xoxo kelsey

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