mke food: march

you guys!!! you know i love twisted path distillery! & now they have their rye whiskey out and im in love!!

holy cow, what a month of food!! wayyyyyy better than last month! i blame febuary being not as good because it was a short month. makes sense, right? yeah, kind of!

lets not mess around & get right into why you are here!

here is where my mouth touched a fork this month:

bellis bistro:

i know you guys know almost everything about me but you need to know that fried chicken is my favorite food group. and when it comes to fried chicken, its all about the hot sauces too. if you ask me, which i dont know why youd ask anyone else but my favorite hot sauce is louisiana hot sauce and bellis knows whats up and uses it. i kinda felt that feeling of “did we just become friends?”. another favorite food group of mine is, mac n cheese. now, normally when i get fried chicken, i get double mac but this time i branched out. the chicken dinner came with two sides so obvi, one was mac and cheese while the other was asparagus. overall the food was tasty! just a little greasy but their breading was full of flavor & was crispy.

jacksons blue ribbon pub:

jacksons has two locations but this was my first time at this one. its located inside the historic pabst brewery which it pretty cool within itself. now you guys know that we loooooove chicken wings so nick and i try to try wings whenever we go to a place that has them. now, i have to say that jacksons werent my favorite. they were a little “plump” for me. as i explained in mke food:: feburary, im not a huge fan of wings that arent smaller in size. and yes, i am that boring person who ended up getting what i had last time i was there. and that was the buffalo chicken wrap (i bet your surprised i got buffalo, right?). oh! get your chicken crispy on that wrap, no one likes grilled chicken…well maybe your mom ;). and skip those haystack onion rings i got, they were swimming in grease.

ninos southern sides:

ommmmg the OG of fried chicken! this is my spot. now, its a little out of the way for my peeps who are south of the city. ninos is located in shorewood but i promise you, its worth the drive. now, here, i dont mess around. i get the fried chicken dinner because you get three pieces and then i get double mac, its a must! nick does get the mashed potatoes and i have to say, theyre good too. the key here is to call in your order for take out, pick it up & take it home to enjoy! the ladies will take care of you, trust me…they call you to tell you that your chicken is getting cold if you dont come quick enough.

odd duck:

all i can say is: small plates. now, if i could have small plates everyday then i would be the happiest person ever. now there are a lot of small plate places in mke but odd duck has to be my favorites. their menu does change so its rare that you would get the same thing twice. well, thats a lie. the only thing i have had more than once and would recommend over and over is their whiskey sour with egg white. so. fricken. good. another good thing to know about odd duck is, theyre always busy! so if you wanna eat in the dining room, you gotta call and make reservation at least a week ahead otherwise, you can do what nick and i do. we show up and they will take our name and number and call us when a spot at the bar becomes available. which is totally worth it! this time around we got the cheese platter with the sweet grass green hill and marieke burning melange gouda cheeses. then we had potato & apple flautas, savory potato bubble waffle and smoked spicy duck fat carbonara, yes i did eat duck hearts…i can cross that off my bucket list. now everything was good, okay? if i had to pick, the carbonara wasnt my favorite out the bunch but nothing like i would never get it again.

story hill bkc:

can we all say BRUNCHHHHH!?? i went to brunch with my blogger bestie brit! this was my first time here and i loved it. the vibe of the restaurant was relaxed but their mamosa made everything more relaxed. i got their back bacon and eggs. well silly me, i didnt realize that back bacon wasnt actually bacon BUT brit is a MPV and let me have some of her bacon and it was to die for. i will totally be back here! but next, i think i will want to try dinner.


guys, if you want bar food and want it to be amazing – camino is your answer! when nick and i arent really sure where to eat, we end up here. no, its not like “uuuuuggghhh i guess well just go to camino again”, its more along the lines of “i have no idea what im going to order this time!”. its that good. i didnt get it this time but their clam chowder on fridays is one of my favorites in the city. now, we didnt get wings (their wings are bomb thought!) we ended up getting cheddar and potato pierogis for an app and they did not disappoint. for dinner, i had the cubanski (this is like my 4th time having it but take the hint). i like both the fries as my side or the crispy brussels.

glass + griddle:

this was an accident, we didnt mean to eat here. long story short…nick graduated with his MASTERS! hello!! but we wanted to celebrate so we headed to mke brewing at their new location downtown. first off, the new brewery is SO nice on the inside and glass + griddle is on the inside too. i had no idea. i feel like this is something i shouldve known. i ended up getting their g +g simple burger and split a side a fries with nick. the burger was just as it says, simple. yet it was delicious. i would get it again! fires were good too, although the yogurt ranch they come with was a little odd.


i never go to brunch, okay yeah i went to story hill but it was a freak occurrence that i went to brunch twice in a month. because before this month, i really cannot remember the last time i went. but omggggg sabrosa is so good. like i cannot wait to go back. i had the S.B.S.B.B.S. which is a spicy brown sugar bourbon bacon sandwich with fried egg & cheese on toasted tuscan bread with avocado crema & sour cream. do i need to say anymore? go there and get it, this weekend.

crafty cow:

now this place is known for their chicken and their burgers and guess what kelsey got…mac and cheese and fried pickles…just making sure im hitting all the food groups here. but i was just so tired and wasnt too hungry so went with something “light”…lol. as simple as both of these dishes were, they were good. the pickles coating was “bubbly” and not like some places where its more of a cornmeal coating so that was nice! then the big mac bowl was super simple AND i ate over half of it (which is a lot of me because i get full quickly). you also have the option to get chicken over it and i wasnt feelin. yeah i dont get how i wasnt feel chicken either.


we didnt eat here but how awesome of a location! this was our first time going here and it was delish!! they have a lot of different beer to choose from, hence why i got their flight. i cannot wait to go here 🙂

la merenda:

ughhhhh guys, this place got me. its was SO good and was small plates. I LOVE SMALL PLATES. but already knew that. and we had betty with us (nicks mom) which only meant that we were able to get more food because we had an extra mouth! since we were there on a friday, they had a fish special and this fridays was wisconsin caught perch and it tasted just like butter and who doesnt like butter. we then got the local artisan cheese & meat which was just a plate of cheese, sausage, bread, mustard, the kitchen sink, mushrooms annnnnd olives. then we got the truffled potato skins and these were not what i thought and in a good way! i planned getting like potato skin boats and no, these were like house chips and i about died because i have never tasted something like this before. we also had risotto con funghi which was as good as it sounded, i really like the microgreens that were on top, they just added another layer to the dish. next we got, pork and shrimp dumplings. now you know i like seafood but i cannot get myself to like shrimp. i keep trying and i keep not liking it. but betty and nick really enjoyed them. lastly, me, yes only me got their creme brulee. theres was chocolate with peanut brittle on top. i cannot say no when i see that on a menu.

andddd just like that we are done for march! woof, i felt like there was a lot. i am so happy that this month was better than last. now off to aprils food ( i keep reading this as apirl fools), i cant wait to see where i end up!

happy eating 🙂

xoxo kelsey

3 thoughts on “mke food: march

  1. Kelsey!!! Loved this!! I deliver mail to Ninos, and the ladies ARE AWESOME!
    Love the tips… we don’t utilize MKE much, but now I have some great things to try when we do!!💜

    Liked by 1 person

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