mke food :: feburary

happy end of february,

you know what it means over here when its the end of the month, right?

riiiiiight, i recap all the places i ate around the city. but i have to be honest right off the bat…february was not a good month for food. we ended up eating at a lot of place that i wasnt begging for more. we even revisited places and still, not overly excited about it. but that doesnt mean youll have the same experince & that doesnt mean i shouldnt talk about them.

so here we go, here is a list of where i ate this month:


if you know anything about vangaurd, you know theyre known for their sausage. well, me being me, i thought : “im documenting all my food so why not try something new. yeah, didnt go so well. i got the: “the brutus beefcake” and ill just say, i shouldve stuck with my normal. i normally get: a hotdog – seattle style. and per ustal, fries are a must but what really is a must is their baked potato balls, hellllooooo yummy!


well, the margarita was good! okay, the food wasnt all that bad but i wanted something more spicy & more traditional and i didnt get that here. i got the combo plate with a chimichanga, enchilada and taco. long story short, i didnt finish my plate. i dont know, i dont want to sound complainy but it just wasnt speaking to me. (plus dont tell nick, i wasnt really in the mood for mexican but he wanted it so i semi blame it on him for not really enjoying my meal, lol).


you gotta get the old fashioned

and FINALLY! a place i really liked. their old fashioned was super good, i mightve had two. if i see house chips on a menu, then im all in for getting that as my app! so yes, you have to get their house chips (i dont think that is something they have all the time so if you see it, get it). for my main dish, i got the reuben with a side of potato salad. my sandwich was good, i just wish the sauerkraut was more sour (im not german at all or anything). overall though, i loved my meal & the diner was so cute.

hungry sumo:

ughhhh you know that feeling when youve been wanting sushi and then you finally get it? i know you know what im talking about! hungry sumo has some of the best sushi ive ever had. and SINCE I LIKE SEAFOOD NOW, my options have opened as to what type of sushi i get. and yes i got miso soup and hello! its real good and you just have to have it. and with sushi, i never know if im going to be super full or still hungry when i order it…the struggle! this night i got the classic avocado roll and the spider roll which was crab. both were 10/10 but i did wish i wouldve gotten more! next time ๐Ÿ™‚


and who doesnt love pizza? essentially, who doesnt love bruschetta salami, three different pizzas AND tiramisu allll in one sitting? everyone does, everyone. if you go to transfer with my family, where is no way youre not having the bruschetta salami… its so good! they have a garlic butter sauce on it and it cant get any better than that! this night, nick and i tried pizzas we either never had or havent had in a long time. from top to bottom we got the: garlic special and subbed pepperoni for sausage, hot rod and margherita. since i love tiramisu with everything in me, i had to get it! (its honestly, one of my favorite ones around town).


nick and i make a point to try wings whenever we can, so when we hear a place has good wings or just wings in general, then we must try! o’lydias has pretty yummy wings, although i wish they were a little buffalo tang to it. these wings were a little sweet for me. i ended up going with their buffalo and garlic buffalo but i think next time i would just do buffalo. and, i got fries too….but you already knew that ๐Ÿ˜‰

lulu cafe:

annnnnd this is my favorite place, of all time. i know for sure that nick is sick of me wanting to go there but i love it. they have super good burgers, i mean they have super good everything but the burgers are my fav. i normally just get their classic burger with whatever cheese im feeling. when it comes to your sides, you have to get “little bit of both”. what does that mean? well, it means you get half of their house chips (yes, you have to get the blue cheese dipping sauce) and then half of their slaw. ughhhh both are so good! now i want some but nick would kill me if i asked.

fuel cafe:

last but not least. this was such a let down for me. i have eaten here before and loved my meal but we went last week, i did not like what i had. i was excited to try their wings but they were super greasy (i got grease stains on my shirt to prove it) AND the wings were huge. personally, i like my wings smaller and with medium amount of meat and these were just ick! for my main my meal, i got the toasted cheesey tomato with giardiniera peppers aka a buttafuoco. dont get me wrong, i love spice but my mouth was in FIRE! and that is all i could taste besides having mayo all over my face. again, i might be dramatic about this but i walked away feeling unsatisfied & not wanting to back.

and i know you guys wont hate me for the honesty. because this is a place for that and at the end of the day…this is just food! there are so many places in the city to explore and try.

i hope you guys enjoy reading this and i hope i didnt scare you away from places. i also hope you guy try these places and let me know if you do!!

happy eating ๐Ÿ™‚

xoxo kelsey

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