oh sh!t, its sunday: stop comparing yourself to others

hey guys,

didnt this past week feel just, off? i dont know if that was just me orrrrrr not. well, sunday means tomorrow is a new week and things can only get better 🙂 and yes they can, dont say they cant!

well, its sunday and you already know what that means…oh sh!t, its sunday! ive had these on going thoughts about blogging for the longest time but recently, these thoughts have been coming up a lot more.

im always having to remind myself: you dont have to be perfect, you shouldnt be comparing yourself to others, you should focus on what makes sense to YOU. why am i thinking this? its because i get lost once and while when i scroll through social media (yes, instragram…how did you know?).

i will come across profiles and think to myself: “dang! i wish i had x number of followers, i wish i was sponsored by this brand, i wish i could build up my blog enough to become a full time blogger and i wish i could make my content as good as theirs”. this runs through my mind all the time. i find myself becoming jealous because i dont have my nails done all the time, i dont wear a lot of make up, i dont have the newest and nicest clothes and i dont travel around the world once a month. why am i even worried about this? why should i compare myself to others? why should i worry about how many likes or followers i have? well, the answer is simple, i care. i care because i want people to like my ideas, my thoughts and what i do from day to day. i want people to feel what im feeling, i want to be relatable, i want people to not feel alone in this world. so when i see others on social media rocking it, i wonder to myself : “how can i get people to care about what im saying? how can i build up a following? when are people going to stop unfollowing me after following for only a few days?”.

and this is where i have to let all of that go and realize, you will only work as hard as you allow yourself to. okay yeah, so what? i made a promise to myself that i would focus on blog as much as i could in 2019, i will have to say, i think its going pretty well. i made it a goal to create content that is every day and real life, that is relatable along with being simple. i promised i would work as hard as i had to, to make a name for myself and its harder than you think! but like i said, if you want something, you will work hard to make it happen. when i start to have those jealous thoughts, i take a deep breath and see that as motivation. i see it as, if they can do that, I CAN DO IT. it goes back to the classic saying of: “rome wasnt build in a day”. well, my blog and my content wasnt built in a day, it will only get better with time. i can only keep building it up and keep working at it until im proud.

i am more than sure if youre a blogger, like me (yes…dont think im not a blogger or an influencer, i know my blogger besties would back me up here!) or someone who just enjoys reading what influencers have to say, you know there is a part of you what wishes and gets jealous because we wish we had what that person has. if i have learned anything from blogging, meeting bloggers or following bloggers on social media, we should praise one another for where we are and what we are doing. we should support one another regardless if you have 50 followers or 50,000 followers. we should turn our jealousy into something positive. use that jealousy and learn from it. learn how to create content that is more engaging, learn how to interact with different people and simply just take notes and learn from one anothers achievements.

i would be lying if i said i didnt learn a thing or two from the other women i follow. i need to realize that i have a TOTALLY different life than a lot of people that i follow but that shouldnt stop me from creating content that i think is relatable. that shouldnt stop me from wanting to learn more, wanting to know how to improve my thinking, my thought and ideas. ive turned my jealousy into: “what can i work on to make MYSELF better? what can i do to encourage growth in others? what can i do to be relatable and to have people follow me because they can relate to me?”.

i am learning to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones and in-turn, encourage others. i am learning to not let other influencers “get to me” and make me think what im doing isnt good enough…because what im doing is good enough (and can only improve), i take what i can from those influencers and grow from it.

we are all in this together. regardless of who you are. learn from others, encourage others, tell others when theyre doing good. STOP comparing yourself to others, use that as a tool to improve your thinking rather than control your thoughts. stand for what you believe in and dont let someone you never physically met shut you down. all you can is work hard for what you want. what you want shouldnt come easy. set a goal or seven and work your ass off to achieve it.

lets rock out our goals together! you got it!!! but really, you do. i KNOW you do 🙂



One thought on “oh sh!t, its sunday: stop comparing yourself to others

  1. I hear you about keeping up with the Joneses. My blog is a Christian blog so I just try and pray it out. Sometimes it’s not so relatable like you say but I feel like it’s what God wanted me to write and because it’s a Christian blog I feel like I need to go with that.

    We do want to connect though and it’s hard because we might not really be expressing ourselves in the way we want or people might not get the same thing from reading what we write then what we think we’re writing. God made you and you are fearfully and wonderfully made and unique – popular blog or no popular blog.

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