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i keep seeing that it feels like the 74th of january and i really think it is the 74th of january.

well, i asked and you answered. so here i am, showing you and giving you a little insight of the places i ate at this past month. let me tell you, it was fun and filling! i enjoyed going to some new places but also enjoying my favorite spots. i do have to admit though, i forgot to document some…i was so focused on eating that i forgot to snap pictures. i feel like this is something we all can relate to.

i originally was only going to do new restaurants but then realized i should include ones that i have already been to too. chances are ,if im going back, it mustve been good!

here is a list of the places i went for either a drink or dinner or both:

i have to say, i really stepped out of my comfort zone here and tried three, yes 3!! 3, different seafood dishes. i am a changed woman. thank you boston for changing the seafood game for me!

so here we go! hopefully youre not hungry 😉

view mke:

first off, i am in love with the ceiling here! its so pretty with all the bottles and the lights. second off, i only sort of remember what i had for dinner…guys give me a break! this was a whole month ago! ive eaten a lot since then! i like view mke because its small plates. if i could, i would eat small plates all the time, im a little obsessed. like i said, i kind of remember what we got, first plate was a crab cake, here we are with the sea food! second plate was pork belly and third plate was pork schnitzel. all were SO good. i think my favorite was the pork schnitzel. and lastly, of course i needed a whiskey drink so i got a “new york sour”, its topped with red wine. ***this menu changes so that is why i wasnt able to give more detail about the dishes***. i know, youll never forgive me.

twisted path distillery:

i waited wayyyyy to long to try this place out. its not like i drive past in on my way to and from work everyday. i wish i wouldve gone sooner! the only “bad” thing about this place is, their whiskey is still aging (& i cannot wait to try it when its ready!!) . so my whiskey loving self freaked out a little bit and didnt know what to get. the bartender suggested the dark rum because it almost mocks a whiskey and she wasnt lying! and having a love for old fashioneds, i had her make me one with the dark rum and hellllooooooooo. dont worry, we went back a week later and i got the same thing lol.

lakefront brewery:

lakefront brewery. do i have to say more? we like to stop in once and awhile and just grab a beer because why not? i always try to try something new. prost!

st. pauls fish company:

again, here i am eating seafood. the lobster roll at st. pauls fish company is huge, literally. if you a champ like me, you would eat the whole thing and have no regrets but if youre not 110% hungry, i would share with someone. and yes, i get sharing can be hard…its something im not very good at ;). if the milwaukee public market wasnt awesome enough, this sandwich made it that much more awesome. and no, i didnt have room for the plastic fork…next time.

elsas on the park:

i would recommend this burger over and over and over again. you have to get the bigger mac at elsas. it is so stinking good!! and this burger is what you think it is. its a play on mcdonaldss big mac but obviously better! and the home chips are a must for your side…no questions asked. i will let you know that everyone at our table that night got the this same burger because its THAT good. AND AND AND they have super good wings but i was to busy eating them , i didnt get a picture.

purple door ice cream:

thank god i have friends that love ice cream as much as i do! nick and i were out to dinner with friends and they wanted ice cream. so i knew we had to go to purple door. they have a lot of different flavors but i went with the cookies and cream and didnt look back!

harbor house:

first things first, ive always gone to the harbor house in the winter. and what fun is that! one, you cannot sit outside and two, you cant see the skyline or water. ***reminder to self: go there in summer!!!*** ANYWAYS, i get their manhattan, over ice and this time around, i got clam chowder too. i would say for milwaukee clam chowder, it was good. a little runny but overall filled my chowder void (nothing like bostons though!!).

tenuta’s italian restaurant:

this cute italian place is kind of hidden if youre not familiar with bayview. dont worry – its not hard to find! i hate to brag but this is in walking distance from my house. this time around, i got classic spaghetti with meatballs and it was sooooo yummy! the meatballs were fresh and had just the right consistency. obvi, i had to end the night with tiramisu. oh! i always get their house pinot grigio and always get two glasses, its a must! 😉

fixture pizza pub:

great lakes distillery
mke brewing co.

no, we dont just get one pizza…we get two. and normally an app but like i said before, i was so invested in the wings that i didnt get a picture. though, i would recommend the wings or the house chips as an app! nick and i always lean towards these two pizzas: great lakes distillery and mke brewing co. yes, if you want you mouth on fire, then the mke brewing co. is just for you! what i like so much about the great lakes distillery is the cream cheese. something about it is just so good.

la masa empanada bar:

fries are a must for your side. theyre delish! okay…fries are always a must in my eyes. BUT that is not the only thing that is yummy, i normally always get their special and this night, their special was mashed potato with bacon, chives and sour cream. otherwise, i normally get and got was the cubin and the chicken tinga. when i finish eating, i always find myself saying: “i shouldve gotten three cubins because they are that good”.

holy cow or should i say burger?

that was a lot of food and a lot of recommendations. i hope this was everything you wanted and more, and dont worry – stay tuned for next months!

if you guys end up going out and trying these places, let me know! i would love to see you enjoying the same places i do 🙂

xoxo kelsey

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