glen 1o1

hey guys, i feel like ive been gone way longer then i should have.

like i said in my last post, life has been non-stop. why you ask…well because we got a PUPPY! …i knew all caps would draw you in. 

yes, us the “we dont want to have responsibilities”, got a dog. now i bet youre thinking: “god…i hope she doesnt give us the every. single. detail. about. how. they. adopted. their. dog . dont worry, i wont give you everyyyyyyy detail. but just enough to write a book or direct a movie about adopting glen.

yes, we named him glen.


for the longest time, nick had been saying he wanted and dog and i knew i wanted one too but i just didnt know when i wanted one. even though i grew up with dogs, i still wasnt 100% sold on getting a dog at this time in my life. i would say i was semi convinced i was ready towards the end of october. we wanted to wait until we got back from new york before getting a pup…yes we were crazy and wanted a puppy. the weeks leading up to nyc, i would check the wisconsin humane society all day, everyday. i would send nick pictures of little pups and freak out because they were all so cute.  i then realized i was ready to get a pup. i cannot explain enough have many dogs i looked at and thought: “ugh if we werent going on vacation, we could have this dog tonight!!”.

now we were back from new york and we were ready. i mean to the point of, having a crate set up, a treat jar filled with puppy milkbones to having a a leash and collar in the car incase we where to adopt one at any given night. and this is were i got SO mad. (really, it wasnt that big of a deal) but once we were home, i swear there wasnt as cute of dogs as there were before we left for nyc. at this point, nick and i were going every night just to see the dogs. i also swear people are crazy!! (good to know im not the only crazy one)  because we would see dogs on the website, go to the humane society and they would be gone. SO FRUSTRATING!

at this point, i had a gut feeling of: “when a dog is right for us, it will all work out.” 

there was a reason why none of those other dogs were available for us. i would kid with nick about how when we find the right dog, it will be the perfect fit for us. but then in the back of my mind, i was thinking…i better be right!!

then on a friday afternoon, i saw two dogs on the humane society website. one was named july and the other was february. i remember thinking that one of them was cuter than the other, i also i remember texting nick about the dogs and saying: “yeah, there is no way these puppies will be available once i get out of work, just like every other dog”. 

little glen

okay, i know i sound like a downer here but it was a little hard for me to be optimistic. i am the type of person who HATES waiting, i hate having my mind set to on something and it doesnt goes as planned.

another truth, nick wanted a girl dog soooo bad and for me, i didnt care. when we saw july and february online, we werent totally convinced we wanted either of them. for a couple of different reasons –  they werent girls, they were “big” meaning 15 pounds at almost four months and i wasnt convinced on their color. 

yes i know, here i am being picky about a dog when i was getting mad about not being able to even see other dogs that were online. but come on!! i had to be picky, this pooch will be in our family for YEARS!

now, fast forward to 4:30 on that friday, i quick checked the humane society website and the two pups were STILL available!! i was SHOCKED! 

i drove my car like i stole it, peeled into the parking lot, started to freak out a little because “holy cow, this could be it”, fast walked into the humane society. not too fast though, didnt wanna look THAT crazy, walked up to the front desk, kind shaky (dramatic i know) and asked to see july and february. 

and then my heart sank.

the lady says: “i think those two dogs are on hold”. annnnnd i start to sweat. this means, you cant take the dogs home for at least a day or more. i then told her that i check right before i came here and they werent on hold. but in her defense, the dogs were on hold that morning.

next, the lady said i was sixth in line and i figured that wouldnt be too bad, well that meant the wait time was at last an hour and a half. 

almost two hours later, our adoption counselor came out and lead us into one of their big common rooms. and there we sat, waiting for her to bring out one of the dogs. 

as we are sitting in the back of this big room, she brings in july. lets just say he was not a fit for us. july was scared, not waiting to come near us and was very timid. we knew we needed to see the other pup…the one i thought was the cuter one from the start. 

we then moved to a smaller room because we figured the big room was a little much for such small puppies. we sat there and waiting which seem like forever. she brought in february and he was SO much different than his brother. february was wanting to lay on us, he was eating treats out of our hands, he was sniffing us. i mean, who doesnt like puppy sniffs? 

the  counselor gave us a little background of february, he came to wisconsin with his brother (july), and his two sister. they were from a shelter in alabama. the counselor told us that a lot of dogs come up from the south because the shelters down south are so full. also milwaukee along with the whole state of wisconsin has a really high adoption rate so we getting all the pooches! 

after about five minutes, we knew he was for us! 

the whole adoption process took awhile, we were probs at the humane society for almost two and half hours. I would recommend filling out the adoption profile online before going in, itll save you a little bit of time! 

i literally could not wait to go home and just be with him! we obvi changed his name to glen. we wanted to go with something classic lol. but hes a total glen… his name fits him perfectly.

the night we brought him home 🙂 

alright, i know youre probs like: “dannnng girl”. but dont worry, if youre itching for more…i plan on doing another post on glen and the weeks that followed him coming home. 

for now,

xoxo kelsey 


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